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The Eau Claire City-County Health Department checks area licensed food establishments, including restaurants and food retailers. The Leader-Telegram details “priority” violations, defined as state code violations with potential to contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard, and reports “priority foundation” violations, which support priority violations, found in routine inspections. Places that receive “core,” or noncritical, violations are marked “no priority or priority foundation violations.” A “corrected” notation means the violation was corrected during a routine inspection. More information about local inspection results can be found at Editor’s​k7macdr. 


Happy Hollow Tavern, 1628 N. Hillcrest Parkway, June 13. One priority violation: Clear spray bottle of chemicals in mop closet does not bear a manufacturer’s label (corrected).


Black Bear Supper Club, 2760 S. Highway N, June 14. Two priority violations: Raw beef that is not hard frozen is stored on top of pepper jack cheese in freezer; gravy, cheeses, beef and whipped butter cups cold-held above 41 degrees. Two priority foundation violations. 

Eau Claire

Milwaukee Burger Co.,  2620 E. Clairemont Ave., June 13. One priority violation: Iceberg and romaine lettuce and pepperjack cheese in prep area cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

National Presto Industries, 3925 N. Hastings Way, June 13. No violations.

Pizza Hut, 1242 W. Clairemont Ave., June 13. No violations.

Stella Blues, 306 E. Madison St., June 13. One priority violation: Raw beef stored above raw pork on speed rack in walk-in cooler (corrected).

Best Western Trail Lodge, 3340 Mondovi Road, June 14. Five priority violations: Employee observed not washing hands before or after handling raw hamburger patty (corrected); shell eggs are stored over vegetables in walk-in cooler (corrected); egg patty in warmer cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected); sanitizer is not being used according to manufacturer’s use directions (corrected); plumbing system not provided with an air gap or backflow prevention at side bar. Two priority foundation violations.

Brickhouse Pub & Grill, 2233 Birch St., June 14. No priority or priority foundation violations.

Muang Thai Restaurant, 2637 N. Clairemont Ave., June 14. One priority violation: Multiple bags of white and sticky rice cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected).

Toppers Pizza, 1616 N. Clairemont Ave., June 14. One priority violation: Cut tomatoes cold-held above 41 degrees on main prep line (corrected). One priority foundation violation.

Lismore Banquet Event Center, 205 S. Barstow St., June 15. One priority violation: Sanitizer is not being used according to manufacturer’s use directions (corrected).

Taverna Grill, 2839 Mall Drive, June 15. Two priority violations: cheeses, cooked chicken, cooked sweet potato, spinach, romaine lettuce, cut tomato, alfredo, pesto, egg salad, beef, sour cream and hard boiled eggs cold-held above 41 degrees in prep table (corrected); thawed raw salmon in the walk-in cooler kept in reduced oxygen packaging that must be removed prior to thawing (corrected).

, 210 S. Barstow St., June 18. One priority violation: Cut cabbage at make table cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected).Rice Palace Thai Cuisine