A 22-year-old Eau Claire man is facing criminal charges for allegedly assaulting staff and members at Planet Fitness.

Erik V. Hernandez, 1119 Regis Court, was charged Monday with one misdemeanor count each of fourth-degree sexual assault and battery and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct:

According to the criminal complaint: Eau Claire police were sent to Planet Fitness, 3015 E. Hamilton Ave., at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

There an officer learned Hernandez had opened a membership that day, and management had received numerous complaints about him throughout the evening.

The manager said six women complained Hernandez was being "creepy." He attempted to walk into a tanning room with two women and had "gotten in their faces," demanding to know where they lived.

He then proceeded to work out next to several women, making them uncomfortable by attempting to touch them and getting into their personal space.

One of those women told police she was running on a treadmill when Hernandez approached her and eventually asked her what car she drove, where she lived and if they could go to her car together. She said he also touched her arm and rubbed her stomach and thigh.

The manager said after the woman's complaint he told Hernandez his membership was being terminated and asked him to leave.

The manager said Hernandez tried to shake his hand but then attempted to pull him over the counter. The manager then demanded Hernandez leave immediately and escorted him to the door, where Hernandez kicked him in the leg.

The manager said he grabbed a phone and told Hernandez he was calling the police, and Hernandez kicked him again before leaving.