An Illinois man accused of using fake $20 bills to pay for a meal at an Eau Claire restaurant was fined $1,339.

Anthony L. Warren, 31, of Champaign pleaded guilty recently in Eau Claire County Court to three amended misdemeanor counts of theft in a business setting.

He was originally charged with a felony count of uttering a forgery.

According to the criminal complaint:

Employees with Texas Roadhouse, 5019 Keystone Crossing, said a customer paid for his bill Feb. 5 with three fake $20 bills.

Warren left the restaurant quickly after leaving the bills on the table.

Police found Warren at an Eau Claire hotel based on the description of the truck he was driving. 

Warren admitted he used the fake bills to pay for dinner because he didn't have any money left in his checking account.

Warren said he received the bills from a friend in Illinois and never intended to use them.

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