A Minnesota man will spend at least six months in jail and eight years on probation for making arrangements to have sexual contact with underage girls in Eau Claire.

Eau Claire County Judge Michael Schumacher sentenced Spencer R. Kuehl, 54, of Red Wing on Friday for one felony charge of child enticement.

The judge did sentence Kuehl to a year in jail with work release privileges, but stayed the last six months of that pending a further order from the court.

When he’s on probation, Kuehl is not allowed to use a computer or cellphone without his probation agent’s approval or have contact with minors. He also is not allowed to drink alcohol or enter taverns.

According to the criminal complaint, Kuehl responded to an ad posted Jan. 15 on Craigslist by an undercover officer posing as a father willing to prostitute out his daughters.

Kuehl indicated he’d be willing to pay $200 for sexual contact with the girls and sent photographs of his face and his fully nude body.

Kuehl arrived in Eau Claire on Jan. 25 at a time set up by the undercover officer and was arrested.