Chippewa Valley Regional Airport on Jan. 9, 2019. View more photos at LeaderTelegramPhotos.com.

Travelers who want to apply for the Transportation Security Administration’s pre-check program will be able to do so next month in Eau Claire.

Those who apply volunteer to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check so they can use quicker lines at airport security checkpoints.

Applications will be taken March 18 to 22 at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, 3800 Starr Ave.

Those interested can sign up in advance online at identogo.com/precheck for an appointment.

There is an $85 fee for membership in the program, which must be renewed after five years.

Those enrolled in the TSA pre-check program do not need to remove their shoes, light outerware and belts when going through airport security. These passengers also can keep their laptop computers in their cases and do not have to take containers with liquids and gels out of their carry-on bags.