CHIPPEWA FALLS — Two Chippewa Falls residents have been charged with operating a drug house after authorities discovered that marijuana was being mailed to the home from California.

Lauren T. Hasenmueller, 22, and Shane A. Doebler, 29, both of 816 Prentice St., were each charged with two counts of possessing marijuana with the intent to deliver, maintaining a drug trafficking place, and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint, on Feb. 3, a K9 unit detected drugs in a package at the U.S. Post Office that was sent from a home in California to the house on Prentice Street. The West Central Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant to open the package, where they discovered 960 grams of marijuana.

The drug enforcement agency then obtained a search warrant for the home, which they searched Feb. 4. No one responded when they arrived, so they forced entry. Inside, they found $10,844 in a safe in one of the bedrooms. Marijuana was found in large and small amounts throughout the house, including 765 grams in a bag behind the dryer, 207 grams in a cupboard, and 115 grams on a coffee table.

When police interviewed them, Doebler said he previously lived in California, and someone he knew there was mailing the drugs to him.

Doebler and Hasenmueller both return to court July 23.