A total of 95 employees were recently honored at UW-Stout for reaching service milestones ranging from 10 to 40 years.

Each employee received a commemorative tackette, or pin.

“UW-Stout is an exceptional place to learn because of our talented, dedicated and supportive faculty and staff,” Chancellor Bob Meyer said. “These employees from all over campus make a difference every day in students’ lives, so that’s why it’s an honor to recognize them.”

The employees recognized are:

40 years

• Jody Engeldinger, Merle M. Price Commons.

35 years

• Robert Cook, Custodial Services.

• Patti Kahler, Office of International Education.

• Mark Neidermyer, Telecommunications and Networking.

• Julie Harmon, rehabilitation and counseling.

30 years

• Ronald Beck, University Housing Custodial Services.

• Arlo Frank, Custodial Services.

• Kim Hintzman, University Dining.

• Ayub Hossain, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

• Ed Jakober, Learning Technology Services.

• Carol Mooney, UW-Stout Online.

• Donna Weber, psychology.

• Vicki Weber, School of Education.

• Tammy Wolf, biology.

25 years

• Diane Christie, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

• George Deflorin, Grounds Maintenance.

• Ben Pratt, design.

• Renee Surdick, operations management.

• Anna Vande Linde, chemistry and physics.

• Donna Zerbian, University Dining.

20 years

• Ellen Anderson, Campuswide Access.

• Steven Blanas, Learning Technology Services.

• John Buss, engineering and technology.

• Susan Melin, Building Maintenance.

• Gindy Neidermyer, College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management.

• Ruth Nyland, School of Education.

• Ann Parsons, biology.

• Julie Pichler, Admissions.

• Evan Zveum, communication technologies.

• Ann Zuerlein, University Dining.

15 years

• Lexie Bilse, Learning Technology Services.

• Tamara Brantmeier, art and art history.

• David Delambo, rehabilitation and counseling.

• Beverly Deyo-Svendsen, social science.

• Amy Fichter, art and art history.

• Heidi Gilbertson, Advisement.

• Denise Goers, Advisement.

• Michelle Greenway-Lawler, Discovery Center.

• Darren Hoyland, Telecommunications and Networking.

• Kyle Kleist, rehabilitation and counseling.

• Kelly Lamon, school counseling, school psychology and special education.

• Amy McGovern, University Housing.

• Katherine Navarre, psychology.

• Diane Olson, operations management.

• Grady Richartz, Campuswide Access.

• Kristin Risley, English and philosophy.

• Toni Simmons, Admissions.

• Kim Zagorski, social science.

10 years

• Daniel Atyim, art and art history.

• Ramsaroop Bachoo, Custodial Services.

• Jodi Beseler-Webb, University Dining.

• Katherine Branch, Grounds Maintenance.

• Toni Burger, UW-Stout Online.

• Renee Chandler, Graduate School.

• Julie Cook, Business and Financial Services.

• Travis Destache, Athletics.

• Chris Freeman, social science.

• Justin Fults, University Housing.

• Kathryn Hamilton, psychology.

• Faith Huitt, UW-Stout Online.

• Stefanie Jax, Career Services.

• Betty Johnson, Custodial Services.

• Amitava Karmaker, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

• Jeremy Karpenske, Telecommunication and Networking.

• Heather Klanderman, School of Education.

• John Klem, rehabilitation and counseling.

• Arthur Kneeland, biology.

• Melissa Koss, Custodial Services.

• Adam Kramschuster, engineering and technology.

• Matthew Kuchta, chemistry and physics.

• Amanda Little, biology.

• Georgios Loizides, social science.

• Elena Marshall, English and philosophy.

• Britta Miller, Dean of Students Office.

• Julie Miller, University Housing.

• Kirk Miller, Building Maintenance.

• Joan Navarre, English and philosophy.

• Jamison Patrick, UW-Stout Online.

• Marlann Patterson, chemistry and physics.

• Kerry Peterson, food and nutrition.

• Daisy Pignetti, English and philosophy.

• Dinah Schoonover, College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Services.

• Dawn Skovbroten, University Library and Learning Center.

• Jason Spetz, University Police.

• Deleana Strohl, rehabilitation and counseling.

• Jennifer Tack, Administrative and Student Life Services.

• Kari Tarr, art and art history.

• Kevin Tharp, communication technologies.

• Brent Tilton, Purchasing.

• Kim Uetz, Instructional Resources Service.

• Bryan Vogh, University Library and Learning Center.

• Dennis Weibel, operations management.

• Curtis Wieland, Administrative and Student Life Services.

• Dean Wirtanen, operations management.

• Denise Wysocki Freeberg, Discovery Center.

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