Wisconsin’s largest community solar garden program, Xcel Energy’s Solar Connect Community garden in Ashland, is now online and fully subscribed.

Xcel Energy’s first community solar garden went online in October 2017 in Eau Claire and the second was completed in May 2019 in Cashton, east of La Crosse. The facilities have more than 150 customers accounting for 3,000 kilowatts of solar energy.

“When this program began, we knew there was strong interest for local community solar gardens,” said Mark Stoering, president, Xcel Energy-Wisconsin and Michigan, said in a news release. “I am proud to say our customers have spoken and today we have three fully subscribed, utility-scale, community solar gardens in northwestern Wisconsin. These customers will realize the environmental and cost benefits of these gardens for many years to come, and we thank them for their support of this program.”

Xcel Energy reports that it is on track to deliver 60 percent renewable energy by 2030 throughout the states it serves.