Construction at Chippewa Falls Middle School is shown earlier this month.

Building projects at three locations in the Chippewa Falls school district are progressing nicely, Business Manager Chad Trowbridge told the school board Tuesday night.

The structure for the new Stillson Elementary school in Lafayette is set, concrete pours are beginning, and brick and exterior fences will begin to be put up within the next month.

At the middle school, workers are starting construction on the roof this week, a new bus loop is being used, site restoration is complete and the interior is being worked on consistently.

At Chippewa Falls High School, work is underway on construction on the second floor, roof installation will be completed over the next few weeks and interior walls are being put up.

Trowbridge said significant progress has been made in the past month at all three locations.

“It’s been an exciting month, to put it mildly,” Trowbridge said. “As far as I’m concerned, we are making good progress and we are on a good pace. Knock on wood we may be even be a little ahead of schedule. We are pleased with the progress so far.”

John Dienger, student representative on the Chippewa Falls school board and a senior at Chippewa Falls High School, said he hasn’t heard many students or staff complain about the construction in the three weeks since classes started. He said original concerns such as lack of parking and late arrival at school have been alleviated by earlier arrival times and adaptation to the different landscape at the middle and high school.

In early 2018, a $65 million referendum was approved with 53 percent voter approval to build a new home for Stillson Elementary and make additions and improvements to the existing middle and high school structures.

The building project includes a new 36-acre site in the town of Lafayette, a drastic increase from the current six-acre site. The 30-acre increase will yield more space for a parking lot, playground, athletic fields and more.

The rest of the funds will be used at the middle and high schools. The middle school will use the allocated funds to remodel areas of the building, improve technology and make other upgrades and repairs. The high school will get a new science lab, improved technology and other improvements.