Building projects at several Chippewa Falls schools are nearing completion, with finishing work slated for the final weeks before classes begin.

The Chippewa Falls school board heard updates on Stillson Elementary School construction and renovations at Chippewa Falls Senior High School and Chippewa Falls Middle School at a board meeting Tuesday night.

District business manager Chad Trowbridge said the Stillson Elementary building in the town of Lafayette has completed foundations and footings and crews are setting up structural steel, including plumbing and other facilities.

The Chippewa Falls Middle School parking lot is almost complete — lighting, painting and other renovations are still needed. Similar finish work is still needed at Chi-Hi.

Miron Construction has been the primary contractor of the building project. The project sites will be taken over by the school district starting Friday.

Trowbridge said after the school district takeover of the three sites, custodial staff will work through the weekend to ensure furnish facilities and classrooms for the academic staff’s return.

“After the takeover they’re going to be taking over all of the furnishings,” Trowbridge said. “So when teachers come back next week they will have all of what they need in their rooms. We can’t minimize the impact of that, and all of the teachers are excited to get back and utilize the new spaces and equipment.”

In early 2018, a $65 million referendum was approved with 53 percent of voter approval to build a new home for Stillson Elementary School, and making additions and improvements to the existing Chippewa Falls Senior High School and middle school structures.

The building project includes a new 36-acre site in the town of Lafayette, a drastic upscale from the current six-acre site at the current Stillson Elementary location. The 30-acre increase will yield more space for a parking lot, playground, athletic fields and more.

The rest of the referendum-related funds will be used at the middle school and Chi-Hi. The middle school will use funds to remodel parts of the building, improve technology and conduct other updates and repairs.

Chi-Hi will get a new science lab, updated technology and other building improvements.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting the Chippewa Falls Booster Club donated $145,000 to the Chippewa Falls School District for use in the Chi-Hi athletic department. The money will be used for equipment, uniforms, fees associated with joining athletic groups and other department costs.

Chippewa Falls Booster Club president Kevin Swift said the board’s support has been a great help to the organization over the years.

“We really appreciate everything the board and the administration does for the booster club,” Swift said. “When we put on events and see administration and board members come and help out, it means a lot and I can’t express my gratitude enough. We couldn’t do it without you.”