The criminal case against the Eau Claire woman accused of prostituting two children for cash and drugs has been dismissed because of testimony issues and concerns from a victim.

Eau Claire County Judge Michael Schumacher on Tuesday dismissed the charges against Michelle L. Mayer, 40, with prejudice, meaning the case is permanently dismissed.

Tuesday was the second day of what was scheduled to be a weeklong trial.

Mayer was charged with sex felonies — two counts each of being party to the crime of repeated sexual assault of a child, trafficking a child and physical abuse of a child.

At the beginning of Tuesday’s proceedings, prosecutors indicated they were considering seeking a lesser offense against Mayer. A final decision was going to be made after all testimony was received in the trial.

Prosecutors indicated Monday that only one of the victims, now a 20-year-old woman, would testify at the trial and would also discuss the abuse she saw the male victim, who is now 17, receive.

Prosecutors said the abuse started when the female was 8 or 9 and the male was 6.

The female on Tuesday said she wanted to testify by video and with a member of the county’s victim/witness office at her side.

Schumacher denied both requests.

While testifying, the female asked for a break and left the courtroom in the presence of the jury.

During a break in Tuesday morning’s proceedings, the issues involving the female witness could not be resolved.

Mayer was released from all conditions of her bond.

She had been held in the Eau Claire County Jail since she was originally charged in March.

According to the criminal complaint:

The sexual assaults of the children occurred at a residence on the city’s north side. A confidential informant told police Mayer allowed two children to be sexually assaulted and photographed naked in exchange for money, methamphetamine or cocaine from the male customers. The informant said the number of occurrences were numerous.

In a related case, Arthur G. Simmons Jr., 48, of Eau Claire will be sentenced April 1 for a felony count of trafficking a child.

According to the criminal complaint in Simmons’ case:

Simmons was identified as a suspect in Mayer’s case in April.

The informant said Mayer was contacted by men on a flip phone. She did not use her regular phone to arrange these incidents out of fear of being caught.

The informant said Mayer would sometimes use drugs while the sexual assaults took place.

Mayer would give the two children methamphetamine to keep them awake.

As part of the investigation, police learned Simmons may have sexually assaulted one of the children.

Police learned Simmons may have once given Mayer a “large rock” of methamphetamine in exchange for sex with the girl.

Simmons told police he had sexual relations with Mayer but never with children.

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