Restaurant Inspection

Editor’s note: The Eau Claire City-County Health Department checks area licensed food establishments, including restaurants and food retailers. The Leader-Telegram details “priority” violations, defined as state code violations with potential to contribute to food contamination, illness or environmental health hazard, and reports “priority foundation” violations, which support priority violations, found in routine inspections. Places that receive “core,” or noncritical, violations are marked “no priority or priority foundation violations.” A “corrected” notation means the violation was corrected during a routine inspection. More information can be found at


400 Club of Altoona, 1411 Spooner Ave., March 13. No violations.

Eau Claire

Bush’s Idlewild, 999 Malden Ave., Feb. 1. One priority foundation violation.

Elbow Room, 679 Wisconsin St., Feb. 1. No violations.

Arby’s, 2821 Hendrickson Drive, Feb. 4. One priority violation: Gyro meat in prep area is cold-held above 41 degrees.

Big T’s Saloon, 2007 Third St., Feb. 5. No priority or priority foundation violations.

Pizza Ranch, 2451 Truax Blvd., Feb. 5. One priority foundation violation.

The Classic Garage, 2111 Third St., Feb. 14. Two priority violations: Ranch dressing made in house and stored on ice is cold-held above 41 degrees (corrected); Raw beef stored above bottled soda in walk-in cooler (corrected).

From staff reports