MENOMONIE — An agreement was reached Monday between the city of Menomonie and Dunn County on a plan for a new frontage road in the city.

The road will run from Red Cedar Street to Highway O by the new Prevea Health building that is along county land.

The county agreed to pay for costs on its property, while the city would cover the costs from the county property to Red Cedar Street, according to the agreement reached at Monday night’s Menomonie City Council meeting. The estimated cost of the project is $300,000.

Water main and sewer pipes will be extended past the vacant lot by Churchill Tire.

A bid was also approved for roofing projects at Wakanda Water Park and Phelan Park.

The bid submitted by Yates Roofing at a cost of $33,500 for Wakanda and $9,480 for Phelan was accepted.

Councilman Ryland Erdman asked if bids for steel roofs have been looked into as they would need to be replaced less often. Randy Eide, public works director, said the upfront cost of steel roofs was the reason for not looking into that option.

City Administrator Lowell Prange said the water park is now 20 years old and project updates could soon come before the council.

Downtown Menomonie presented its Business Improvement District operating plan. Councilman Nathan Merrill said the way Downtown Menomonie works with area businesses to connect them to the community is why he supports the operating plan.

Dustyn Dubuque, executive director of Downtown Menomonie, said the past year was busy with plans of selling the building the organization operates from and he is looking to start fresh with new ideas to boost the city’s downtown.

“This operating plan, I think, is really going to push our agenda, push our mission, and we’re hoping next year to start fresh with Downtown Menomonie and keep it going and keep the organization moving forward,” Dubuque said.

The Class B beer and liquor license was suspended for Menomonie tavern Duke and Dagger beginning Tuesday for receiving more than one citation in a 12-month span. The two charges of selling alcohol to an underage person occurred Nov. 28 and April 17.

Andrew Mercil, co-owner of Duke and Dagger, said the two employees cited were fired for violating business guidelines outlined in the employee handbook. On Saturday the Duke and Dagger is scheduled to be involved in a historic beer walk, and Sunday the business has planned to be involved with fundraising for Bridge to Hope.

Councilman Lee Schwebs said the business isn’t a problem place in the city and with the upcoming events planned he asked whether the date of the beginning of the suspension could be changed.

The council previously made it a policy to begin suspensions the day after the hearing.

“As much as I would like to help alleviate the pain from this, I’m afraid we would open a can of worms if we started changing policy depending on who came before us,” Councilwoman Mary Solberg said.