Tom Katz / Marshfield Clinic sports therapy clinic

Tom Katz, left, is a physical therapist at MCHS’ new sports therapy and rehabilitation clinic in Altoona. The new clinic opened to patients Monday.

ALTOONA — A new sports therapy and rehabilitation clinic opened Monday in Altoona, operated and staffed by Marshfield Clinic Health System.

The new clinic is embedded within an Altoona multi-sport training facility, A-T Elite Performance Center, 1323 Bob Brown Blvd.

The new Marshfield Clinic – Altoona Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation opened to patients on Monday.

It will offer sport-specific physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports psychiatry, performance nutrition and other services, according to MCHS.

Athletes can benefit from a clinic that’s embedded in a local training facility, said Tom Katz, an MCHS physical therapist who specializes in sport-centered therapy and rehabilitation at the new clinic.

“A piece of that puzzle is the rehab, making sure if someone does get injured, that they’re back as fast as they can to their training and their sport,” Katz told the Leader-Telegram Monday.

The new clinic is the first of its kind in the region, especially with the sports psychiatry service it offers, said Matt Schneider, MCHS regional communications manager.

The clinic is open to “every level of athlete, from the highly competitive athlete to the weekend warrior to the Little Leaguer and gymnast,” Katz said. “All levels of competition.”

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