A Minneapolis woman is accused of stealing more than $5,300 in merchandise this month from an Eau Claire beauty store.

Police say the woman has stolen about $35,000 worth of merchandise from a beauty store chain in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Miranda K. Roberts, 32, is charged in Eau Claire County Court with two felony counts each of retail theft and identity theft, and a misdemeanor count of retail theft.

A $25,000 cash bail was set for Roberts, which prohibits her from having contact with Ulta Beauty stores and not possessing anyone else’s identifying information.

Roberts returns to court Monday for her arraignment.

According to the criminal complaint:

Eau Claire police were called Nov. 12 to the Ulta Beauty store at Oakwood Mall for a retail theft in progress.

Police arrived and apprehended the suspect, identified as Roberts, as she was leaving the mall.

A black bag she was carrying contained $250 worth of stolen cosmetics.

An Ulta Beauty employee told police she recognized Roberts as the woman identified through a company-wide email warning.

The employee said Roberts had been stealing from Ulta Beauty stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and that the company could attribute about $35,000 worth of stolen merchandise to Roberts.

But the employee said Roberts had not yet appeared in court in regard to those thefts and likely had warrants out for those matters.

The employee said Roberts matched the description of the woman who stole items from the Eau Claire store on Nov. 5 and 9.

The total value of the items Roberts took from the store on those two days were $1,716 and $3,379, respectively.

Roberts was carrying false identification with her.

Police confirmed she did have several warrants for her arrest.

Roberts admitted she was using another woman’s identifying information and didn’t want to go to jail on her warrants.

Roberts was taken to an Eau Claire hospital for observation. She attempted to self-mutilate herself several times to avoid being taken to jail.

Roberts was eventually taken to the Eau Claire County Jail after being medically cleared by hospital staff.

The day she was charged with the Eau Claire thefts, an extradition complaint was filed against Roberts in Eau Claire for an arrest warrant for theft from Hennepin County in Minnesota.

If convicted of the felony charges, Roberts could be sentenced to up to nine years in prison.

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