An Eau Claire woman is accused of stabbing her live-in boyfriend in the arm during an argument.

Trishia M. Mansur, 33, 2507 S. Hastings Way, was charged this week in Eau Claire County Court with a felony count of substantial battery and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

Mansur is free on a $5,000 signature bond, which prohibits her from having contact with the man or possessing weapons.

Mansur returns to court July 23.

According to the criminal complaint:

Eau Claire police were sent to a report of a stabbing at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday at Maple Manor Motel, 2507 S. Hastings Way.

Officers spoke with a man who had a 2-inch stab wound on his upper right bicep. He was holding a rag to it and EMS was called. He was taken to a local hospital.

The man said he lived with Mansur at the motel since January.

The man said they argued and he wanted a pocket knife she had. He said she accidentally stabbed him when she gave the knife to him.

Mansur told an officer she didn’t realize the knife was open until she handed it to him.

“I only wanted to scare him. I thought the knife was closed,” she said.

An officer asked Mansur to demonstrate how she handed the man the knife.

The officer determined the motion looked identical to what an intentional stab would look like. The way she demonstrated holding and handing over the knife meant that the knife handle would have been completely enclosed within her fingers and palm.

The officer examined the knife. The 3-inch blade had fresh blood from the tip to about two inches back.

An officer then spoke to the man at the hospital.

The man said he and Mansur argue about finances, children and basic relationship issues, but that the arguments have never been physical.

The man said Tuesday was Mansur’s son’s birthday. She had lost custody of her son and she was hoping he would call her.

The man said they argued about him taking the phone before he left to get grilling supplies.

When he returned, the man said Mansur was still upset, called him a name and made a sharp motion toward his shoulder. He said he felt a pain.

The man said Mansur immediately started apologizing, saying she did not realize the knife was open.

The man said it was common for Mansur to have an open knife in her hand for protection when he is gone.

The man said he did not believe Mansur stabbed him on purpose.

The man’s wound required stitches.

If convicted of the felony charge, Mansur could be sentenced to up to 18 months in prison.

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