An Eau Claire woman will spend two years on probation and pay $10,032 in restitution for striking three vehicles in a business parking lot during a dispute with a friend over a dog.

Kalika L. Mayer, 21, 408 Lake St., pleaded no contest recently in Eau Claire County Court to a misdemeanor count of battery. Three felony counts of second-degree recklessly endangering safety were dismissed.

Judge Emily Long fined Mayer $2,020.

As conditions of probation, Long ordered Mayer to undergo any programming recommended by her probation agent.

According to the criminal complaint:

A 17-year-old girl said she had been getting phone calls from her friend Mayer, who said she was depressed and missed seeing the girl.

The girl told police she agreed to meet Mayer March 16 and would bring along her dog.

The girl said she wanted to meet in a public place and she and Mayer agreed to meet at the parking lot at PetSmart, 4142 Commonwealth Ave.

The girl said her brother was afraid Mayer may try to hit the girl or take her dog.

The girl rode with her brother to the PetSmart parking lot, and they parked next to Mayer’s red Nissan.

The girl and her dog entered Mayer’s car. Mayer started talking and crying and said how much she missed the girl.

They started to argue, and both Mayer and the girl said they were not going to leave without the dog.

The girl’s brother could see the argument and called his brother to assist.

When the second brother got to the scene, he could see Mayer was pulling his sister’s hair inside her vehicle.

The second brother tried to open Mayer’s car doors, but they were locked.

Because he feared for his sister’s safety, the second brother told police he grabbed a hatchet from his vehicle and tried to break Mayer’s windshield.

Mayer then quickly accelerated and rammed into the driver’s side of the second brother’s vehicle.

Mayer placed her vehicle in reverse and then rammed into the first brother’s vehicle, which was parked behind her.

The second brother was able to break a passenger window of Mayer’s car, unlock the doors and get his sister out.

Mayer momentarily drove away before striking a third vehicle in the parking lot, a white Dodge truck.

One of the brothers was able to retrieve his sister’s dog from Mayer’s vehicle following the third collision.

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