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It’s a time of year that calls for extra caution on Chippewa Valley roadways as rubbernecking visitors take in more scenery than just the road ahead of them.

Much has changed since 1994 — video stores and telephone cords are now nearly extinct; taking pictures of ourselves has become not only accepted but celebrated behavior; and the number of Starbucks locations has increased from 425 to nearly 30,000.

The email arrived Sunday, and it felt like we’d really turned the corner after a record-setting winter.

Even a week of mostly above-freezing temperatures did little to affect the scene of an accident at the Third Ward home of Jon and Jen Theisen.

Hearing actor Luke Perry died Monday after suffering a massive stroke took Tammy Tisdale by surprise. He was 52, and she is 53.

As I gazed at the world of white piled high everywhere around me, I felt momentarily overwhelmed, as if I didn’t know where to begin.

Judy Choi, who holds a Harvard degree and resides in Sun Prairie, was taken aback a few years ago when she came upon her niece writing in a journal.

CHIPPEWA FALLS — Hundreds of headlights lit the dark night as one vehicle after another followed in orderly lines before finding parking places in the Halmstad Elementary School parking lot on Chippewa Falls’ south side.

Before boarding a plane to Honduras several years ago, Teresa Ritzinger told her husband, Steve, “This is going to change you.”

As he stood in the spacious, high-ceilinged entryway to Plymouth United Church of Christ Thursday afternoon, David Huber couldn’t help but reflect on a very different view he had of that site two years ago.