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Although the plans likely will be modified over time, the initial renditions for the Sonnentag Event and Recreation Complex along Menomonie Street in Eau Claire are decidedly impressive.

As a dairy farmer in Spring Valley, I’ve learned about my neighbors’ love for the land and their animals. We'll celebrate this today with National Farmer’s Day.

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Poor Daryl Morey. Just three days ago, the Houston Rockets general manager was best known for having one of the NBA’s winningest career records and for pioneering analytics in the sport.

While most of Washington was on vacation in August, lobbyists for doctors were busy placing ads attacking the recent effort in Congress to end “surprise medical bills” — the practice of slapping unsuspecting patients with huge out-of-pocket charges they couldn’t see coming.

There’s way too much negativity in this world, and it doesn’t get much more negative than the recent racist post on the dormitory door of a UW-Eau Claire student.

Western Wisconsin residents experienced Tuesday night a weather phenomenon that’s unfortunately not a rarity in the United States.

The new republic created right here in Philadelphia in 1787 defined three coequal branches of government, one of which was led by a president — not a monarch or dictator. It is a position imbued with extraordinary power — and because of that, is subject to oversight of other branches to ensu…