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WASHINGTON — The 2018 elections began the demolition of the Trump coalition.

Former Green Bay Packer Jim Taylor’s recent death stirred an indelible memory of an unusual meeting with the Packers icon that occurred an evening before a Packers-Vikings game during the Vince Lombardi era.

OK, here’s the deal: If I had taken $100 from you in 2010 and over the next eight years returned $80, would you feel shortchanged? In simple terms, that’s what our “education governor” has done to public schools.

Lisa Ecker entered UW-River Falls in 2014 after growing up in the small town of Wanamingo, Minn. Upon graduation in 2017, she was offered a job as a project engineer at GEA in Hudson with a starting salary of $65,000 a year. She is now working on projects that allow her to travel around the …