Nobody asked, but …

• Few things are more aggravating than reading about some moron damaging one of the sculptures on display in downtown Eau Claire.

Earlier this month, someone ripped the roughly 60-pound “World of Sound” sculpture from its base and left it on the street near The Lismore hotel, where it was on display outside.

Many people have worked hard to reinvent our downtown into a destination point with a variety of things to enjoy, including the Sculpture Tour. It’s beyond disheartening to think someone has such disrespect for these efforts, and especially the artists, working to make a positive impact on our community.

• The older I get, the more I wonder if they ought to just scrap the Super Bowl halftime show altogether. My thoughts on this year’s show featuring the talented, attractive and athletic Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are as follows.

1. I understand that Latin dance can be lively and sensual, but millions of families watch the Super Bowl, and I’m not sure numerous closeups of these entertainers’ “assets” are really what many parents want their children to see.

2. There’s been a lot of attention to changing society’s attitudes about objectifying women. So how does that jibe with Lopez gyrating on a stripper pole for America’s halftime entertainment? That said, you have to give credit to the 50-year-old Lopez for her strength and athletic ability. Seriously, it was impressive.

3. I tried hard, but I honestly could barely understand a single word of the songs they performed. That tells me they probably aren’t destined to become classics.

I heard some reviews of the performance afterward. Some guys a lot younger than myself thought it was one of the greatest halftime shows ever. So it goes; tastes in music and entertainment change from one generation to the next, and what is considered inappropriate by one group is considered tame by another. And I guess my demographic isn’t what the NFL and halftime sponsor Pepsi are after.

Oh well, at least the game was exciting, and good guy Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, got his Super Bowl ring.

• A lot of today’s youth baseball and softball players on Eau Claire’s south side, and their parents, probably don’t know the debt of gratitude they owe to Jenny Walker.

Jenny, who died recently, was the driving force behind the youth fields behind South Middle School. In the early 1990s, the American Little League lost its diamond when Manz school was expanded. Jenny rolled up her sleeves and, working with city officials, got the two fields ready in time for the following season.

Those fields have been improved with dugouts, lighting, etc. But had it not been for Jenny’s tenacity, leadership and flat-out hard work, there’s a chance that project never would have happened.

• It’s become clear that the overriding concern of politicians at the state and federal levels is that under no circumstance can any action occur that might make the opposing political party look good. The latest example is Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed three-part plan to address problems in the state’s farm industry.

The Republican response? Five bills of their own they tout as “bigger and bolder” than Evers’ plan. Both sides acknowledge the problem, but like everything else, they will now engage in the usual “my way or the highway” bickering rather than work together in a bipartisan fashion.

• It appears President Donald Trump realizes what many politicians before him likewise concluded. That is, there is no political price for running up the federal deficit. His proposed $4.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2021 includes a nearly $1 trillion deficit, or more than 20 cents of each dollar the government spends.

Democrats have no appetite for deficit reduction, either, blaming Trump for his proposed cuts to domestic programs.

A wise person once said that if you asked politicians individually if they support such irresponsible borrowing, they all would say no. Then why does it keep happening?

• If we need another example of the dangers of totalitarian rule, consider China’s initial efforts to keep secret the outbreak of the coronavirus that now threatens the globe, and Iran’s leaders at first denying that it was their military that shot down a passenger airliner, killing everyone on board.

Bless our First Amendment and those who fight to protect it.

• Trump continues to lash out at Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg because of his height. Does that mean Bloomberg should suggest Trump isn’t qualified for his job because he has a protruding belly and comb-over to hide his receding hairline?

Trump should knock off his middle school nonsense. And to think we still have nine months until the election. Good grief!

Huebscher is a contributing columnist and former Leader-Telegram editor. He can be reached at