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President Donald Trump stopped in Wisconsin on July 12 to tout a new trade agreement he orchestrated with Canada and Mexico, portraying a rosy future for farmers. They’re “over the hump,” he said.

Eau Claire and the surrounding area fare well on a host of “best of” lists put out by different media outlets using a variety of data.

Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide makes it even more compelling to dig deeper into that sordid affair. His trial would have shed light onto his crimes and cover-ups. The victims, who now will never get the bittersweet satisfaction of facing him in court, cannot be deprived of knowledge of how this c…

Many residents of Altoona likely awoke Wednesday morning to a blaring whistle that signaled the end of a historic visit to the city.

This isn’t “a very complicated subject,” as President Donald Trump called it. And yes, there is reason to get “all bent out of shape” about this, though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there is not.

Escalating tensions with Iran remind us of a concept known as the butterfly effect. Tailored to our special situation, it goes: Does the flap of a drone’s wings in Iran set off a tornado in Texas?

You never know what your cubicle mate is thinking, but recent research identified a source of workplace friction more serious than Jim from accounting’s use of the office microwave to heat up leftover fish: Younger workers wonder why older workers are hanging onto their jobs for so long. Tim…

Nearly 30 years ago, before bipartisanship became a dirty word, Republicans and Democrats worked together to ensure Wisconsin remained a great place to hunt, fish and recreate outdoors.

It sent a strong message. Law enforcement and elected officials standing behind U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil as he introduced his first bill, HR 2149, “Exposing the Financing of Human Trafficking Act,” at the Racine County sheriff’s substation.

It was a solemn scene but one that nonetheless likely caused goose bumps for those who bore witness or others who later saw photographs of the event.

Cubs hitter Albert Almora Jr. was in anguish Wednesday night in Houston after his line-drive foul ball struck a young girl. He knew immediately after making contact that he’d sent a dangerous projectile into the stands. “I want to put a net around the whole stadium,” he said.

When President Donald Trump goes after other nations with harsh tweets or statements blistering with bravado, there is often a sense that he’s just showing off his favorite diplomatic dance moves.

As the spring season — albeit a brief one this year — hits its stride, we’re increasingly seeing the return of what’s become a phenomenon locally and across the country: the food truck.

The message studies and metrics are sending to the workforce both at the state and national levels is loud and clear — there’s a dire need for people with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The economic health of Washington and the rest of the country got a major boost last week when the U.S. Senate restored the Export-Import Bank of the United States to full operations. Now lawmakers need to finish their work by extending the bank’s charter another four years.

President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day — celebrated the second Sunday each May — an official U.S. holiday in 1914.

Elements of Sri Lanka’s government had been warned weeks ago of impending terrorist attacks but failed to share the information. Quite possibly as a consequence, they then failed to prevent the bloody Easter Sunday bombings, or at least to protect the more than 300 people who were killed and…

The relatively new Pablo Center at the Confluence is a world-class entertainment venue, but its role as an educational resource was on full display earlier this week.

A three-part series on opioids featuring stories from the Leader-Telegram’s Eric Lindquist and pieces from other reporters in Adams Publishing Group concludes on today’s front page.

Turnover at the top levels of the Trump administration has set a modern record for turmoil. With the departure of Linda McMahon from the Small Business Administration and Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen from the department of Homeland Security, 14 of President Trump’s Cabinet members will have le…

The PROTECT Act, the health insurance reform bill unveiled this week by 18 Senate Republicans, is aptly named, albeit not for the reason its sponsors suggest.

Kudos to Bernie Sanders for saying that he will celebrate tax day by releasing his tax returns for the last 10 years. Quite right. And congratulations to the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate for acknowledging that he has become a millionaire.

Saying she wanted to “break the logjam” in Parliament over Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May recently reached out to the opposition Labor Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It was a bold move that could mitigate the effect of the blunder British voters made in 2016 when they chose…

Recovering from a natural disaster is never easy. But it’s infinitely harder when federal emergency funds for rebuilding are subject to the whims, lies and misconceptions of a hostile president.

Of course it is difficult not to savor the irony in a White House whistleblower’s claim that the Trump administration improperly granted security clearances to more than two dozen individuals.

The first #MeToo allegations of the 2020 presidential race hit over the weekend, letting the general public in on a secret that apparently was already known in political circles: that former Vice President Joe Biden can be a bit too “handsy” with women and girls.

The casualties of a mass shooting are not only those killed or wounded in the burst of gunfire. The damage reverberates, often for years, sometimes magnifying a family’s tragedy.

What does Robert Mueller mean when he says that President Trump did not commit a crime, but is not exonerated either? Is Attorney General William Barr overstepping by taking possible obstruction of justice charges off the table for Trump? These and other questions argue for making the Muelle…

The bald eagle is America’s symbol, but 70 years ago it was nearly extinct. Once numbering as many as half a million, the population in the lower 48 states had been reduced to fewer than 1,000 by pesticides, hunting and destruction of habitat. Under the Endangered Species Act, bald eagles ma…

Throughout the state, “help wanted” signs can be found everywhere. There are jobs in manufacturing, health care, hospitality, criminal justice, child care, retail — you name it, they are hiring.

President Donald Trump and his defenders are understandably exulting now that the Justice Department has released a summary of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s principal conclusions about his investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. But, all too charact…

For nearly two years, the nation has been divided by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath. To President Trump, the Mueller investigation has been the “single greatest witch hunt in American political history” — a “disgrac…

Crooked admissions schemes aren’t the only problem plaguing colleges and their students these days. The cost of a degree from a private college continues to rise, moving well beyond what most families can dream of paying, even with financial aid. Most colleges assume students will take out l…

If fame hasn’t changed Cassie Randolph’s career plans, it won’t be long before she’ll be armed with a degree from UW-Eau Claire.