We’ve seen thousands of sad stories in our time, but the case of a man found in his North Texas apartment three years after his death ranks right up there as one of the saddest.

When President Donald Trump signed a new agreement to replace NAFTA, a lot of people who depend on borderless commerce — many of them Midwest exporters of manufactured and agricultural goods — breathed a sigh of relief. After 15 months of arduous negotiations, the specter of harmful trade ba…

The disorderly conduct case against a Janesville man claiming police violated his First Amendment rights shows the importance in making distinctions between protected and unprotected speech.

Predicting how the U.S. Supreme Court will decide a case based on the questions the justices raise during oral arguments is a fraught endeavor, but the tenor of those exchanges Tuesday did not bode well for supporters of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Chief Justice John …

Last Sunday, Joe Biden was reportedly denied communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina by a priest who objects to the former vice president’s support for abortion rights.

Facebook has become a prime outlet for presidential campaign messaging, with President Trump and his Democratic rivals collectively spending more than $1 million every week on targeted ads, according to published reports. So it was disturbing, to say the least, when Facebook altered its rule…

The Eau Claire metropolitan area got some good news recently, faring well in a study of the best-paying cities for those of the ages 16 to 24.

A recent UW-Madison Institute for Research on Poverty report found that 37.5% of counties in Wisconsin had significantly lower poverty rates in 2017 than the stage average.

On the biggest stage in baseball, the World Series, the Houston Astros’ top brass is highlighting what advocates say are some of the biggest hurdles that still remain in the fight against domestic violence: arrogance and ambivalence.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the experience can have its drawbacks. Dogs of our acquaintance have been known to gobble food off counters, bark furiously at squirrels and letter carriers, barf on rugs, whine to be walked no matter the weather and require pricey visits to the veterinarian.

Two of President Donald Trump’s presumably loyal appointees painted an alarming picture Thursday of how Trump and lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani turned up the pressure on Ukraine to ensure its help with two politically oriented investigations. No matter how the White House spins the news, it’s i…

Although the plans likely will be modified over time, the initial renditions for the Sonnentag Event and Recreation Complex along Menomonie Street in Eau Claire are decidedly impressive.

Poor Daryl Morey. Just three days ago, the Houston Rockets general manager was best known for having one of the NBA’s winningest career records and for pioneering analytics in the sport.

Western Wisconsin residents experienced Tuesday night a weather phenomenon that’s unfortunately not a rarity in the United States.

Kayde Langer spent much of her 21st birthday meeting with UW-Eau Claire officials, interviewing with media outlets and replying to messages on social media, according to Leader-Telegram reporter Ryan Patterson.

One takeaway from a Leader-Telegram story about a possible expansion of L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library is decidedly positive: Use of the Eau Claire facility’s services has been on a steady rise.

Floridians were relieved when computer models predicted a mass of dry air was moving toward the state, essentially steering Hurricane Dorian away from the U.S. East Coast. That Saturday morning forecast was still holding up four days later as Dorian passed us by on its way up the Atlantic Se…

Walmart, the biggest retailer in the U.S. and a leading seller of firearms and ammunition, announced last week it would stop selling bullets for handguns and military-style rifles, stop selling handguns in Alaska (the last remaining state where it makes such sales), and “respectfully” ask it…

The nonprofit that administers the SAT test to 2 million students each year has axed its nascent “adversity score,” a clumsy attempt to distill the possible socioeconomic hardships and challenges of a student’s background into a single neat and tidy number. Good call.

The lede of a recent Washington Post story reads, “The bulletproof panels are designed to withstand multiple rounds from a handgun — and two of this season’s bestsellers are emblazoned with Disney princesses and Avengers superheroes.”

President Donald Trump stopped in Wisconsin on July 12 to tout a new trade agreement he orchestrated with Canada and Mexico, portraying a rosy future for farmers. They’re “over the hump,” he said.

Eau Claire and the surrounding area fare well on a host of “best of” lists put out by different media outlets using a variety of data.

Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide makes it even more compelling to dig deeper into that sordid affair. His trial would have shed light onto his crimes and cover-ups. The victims, who now will never get the bittersweet satisfaction of facing him in court, cannot be deprived of knowledge of how this c…

Many residents of Altoona likely awoke Wednesday morning to a blaring whistle that signaled the end of a historic visit to the city.

This isn’t “a very complicated subject,” as President Donald Trump called it. And yes, there is reason to get “all bent out of shape” about this, though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there is not.

Escalating tensions with Iran remind us of a concept known as the butterfly effect. Tailored to our special situation, it goes: Does the flap of a drone’s wings in Iran set off a tornado in Texas?