5 years ago — 2013

A group of partners, led by Volume One publisher Nick Meyer, purchases Green Tree Inn & Suites, 516 Galloway St., with plans to redevelop the property into a boutique hotel.

10 years ago — 2008

Town of Baldwin clerk Ken Klanderman, 81, says he won’t run again for the position he has held for 55 years.

20 years ago — 1998

A Chippewa County judge sentences a 16-year-old boy to 45 years in prison; he had dressed in a costume from the horror film “Scream” and attacked his ex-girlfriend’s parents with knives.

35 years ago — 1983

The state’s smallest telephone company, the South Fork Telephone Co., which serves an area near River Falls, will be sold to Wisconsin Telephone Co. for $1.