State politicians likely ‘not interested’

I need to respond to the article from the Friday, Dec. 11, paper, “State GOP oversight sought on virus issues.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and incoming Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu were conference-calling with Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. They were apparently unhappy with how Gov. Tony Evers was handling the pandemic.

There are many things I take issue with that these two gentlemen discussed, but I’ll only address a part that I am personally familiar with. They suggested that “state health officials be required to create a plan for distributing vaccines by the end of December.” Where have these leaders been? Meetings have been held for months, open to the public. These folks worked many hours to get our state ready to distribute vaccine to our health care workers, elderly, long-term care facilities and eventually to the general public.

One meeting I attended, at 7 a.m., is easily available by Zoom. It is open to the public, and the discussion is fascinating. They were figuring out the ethics of distribution, who to give it to, when, how to get it to rural areas, etc. Then they put it out for public comment, and at the end of the public comment period, they discussed the comments and made their decisions, making it a true Wisconsin plan.

If these two elected officials are not feeling part of the decision-making, it’s because they aren’t interested.

Dianne Robertson

Eau Claire