Cautious optimism about riot response

It was heartening to hear Democratic politicians and the left-wing media join Republicans and talk radio in quickly condemning the shameful acts of the vandals and rioters who invaded our beautiful Capitol building last Wednesday. I was beginning to lose hope in our future as a country after watching federal buildings, police stations and cars and hundreds of privately-owned businesses go up in flames last summer with almost no criticism from Democratic leaders or the left-wing media.

CNN referred to the arsonists and looters led by BLM and antifa Marxists as “mostly peaceful protestors.” Joe Biden hid in his basement, preferring not to criticize his base. Kamala Harris actually voiced support for the “peaceful protestors,” and even encouraged her supporters to raise bail money for those arrested so they could rejoin their friends.

I am encouraged by the explosive response of the Biden-Harris team and the mass media, although I wonder if their outrage is mainly because the perpetrators in this case are Trump supporters, unlike the Democratic and Marxist supporters who caused deaths and billions of dollars of damage during months of protests last summer.

There is wonderment over how law enforcement could have been so unprepared for what happened in Washington. The reason is clear. Prior to Wednesday, we had not seen Republicans and Trump supporters do anything at protests worse than wearing MAGA hats and patriotic vestments. The D.C. police department is under the control of the Washington mayor. The Capitol Police report directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The two liberals had no expectation that conservative protestors would ever resort to the despicable behavior of their liberal counterparts, as they unfortunately did.

I hope all future vandals and looters will be given the same harsh treatment these Capitol rioters deserve.

John Torgerson

Eau Claire