Both sides at fault for chaos

As we raise our children, there are rules and standards that cut across most borders and races. We don't allow children to drive vehicles, drink alcohol or possess firearms, or vote for that matter. It isn't because their feet don't reach the pedals or their fingers are too short to pull the trigger. It's because their brains have not evolved enough to be trusted with dangerous things.

It has become clear to me that both political parties — the protesters, arsonists, looters and, yes, killers — have proven the fact that the government itself has become incapable of governing.

Bad behavior only exists where it's tolerated. The folks wrapped in the flag exhibited childish behavior at the nation's Capitol, but they watched for months as urban terrorists held major American cities hostage, destroyed private property, burned police stations and achieved anarchy and chaos.

Today I see the media (which I hold just as responsible for the mess) crying out to find and prosecute the leaders of the Capitol riot. Meanwhile, the crimes committed by terrorist organizations like BLM and antifa not only go unprosecuted but in some cases the National Guard was called out to protect the folks rioting. Again, children imitate bad behavior if allowed to do so.

I find it hard to fault the Capitol rioter with no persecution of the previous rioting looters. It just may be time for a third political party. I'll leave you with part of a statement by John Jay, secretary of foreign affairs, from 1788:

"It would little become us to verify the predictions of those who ventured to prophesy that peace, instead of blessing us with happiness and tranquility, would serve only as the signal for factions, discord and civil contentions, to rage in our land, and overwhelm it with misery and distress."

William Gordon

Chippewa Falls