Texas assessment distorts the facts

Don Quixote is a character from an early 1600s novel about a man who reads so much about knights and chivalry that his idealism eclipses reality. He dons armor, finds a horse and embarks to combat evil and rescue damsels in distress. Sancho Panza becomes Quixote’s faithful attendant, anticipating a governorship as reward. A famous passage involves Quixote, “Man of La Mancha” in plays and movies, going to battle with windmills, believing them to be evil monsters.

If I had cartoonist talent, I would portray Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Senator Ted Cruz as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza setting out on their steeds, a wobbly old horse and donkey, to battle wind turbines in Texas. They launched an unjustifiable assault on wind power in Texas, blaming the recent power outage disaster and suffering on its unreliability.

Just like Quixote’s distorted perception of reality, the blame distorted the facts. Wind turbines operate in northern climates if lubricated properly and heating elements are provided. Texas wind turbines did not have these provisions, but the bigger problem was that the Texas utility ERCOT did not provide cold weather protection for natural gas, coal and nuclear generation — those sources representing 90% of the power supplied in Texas. This neglect caused the major failures even though a report from a similar disaster in 2011 recommended better cold weather protection.

On Feb. 17, the L-T Opinion page expressed the view that “Renewable energy should be common ground.” This view should be heartily applauded. As stated, the need for renewable energy is not a partisan issue and will benefit both the environment and the economy. This is not dreaming “The Impossible Dream” (a song from “Man of La Mancha”) but combines reality and idealism to create a sustainable future.

Steve Reusser

Eau Claire

Stances by politicians are hypocritical

It is interesting to me that “science-based” politicians who support sanctions on smokers, restrictions on prescription pain killers, and mandates on masks and isolation because of a “deep concern” for my health and well-being, also think it is a wonderful idea for me to abort my children and smoke recreational marijuana.

Jack Perry

New Auburn