Exercise caution in return to school

On Feb. 18, I grabbed the paper from my chilly porch, sat down with a cup of coffee and read the staff view titled “Time to ring the bell for classes.” I was dismayed. The L-T authors said that, given the CDC’s new guidance for school safety during COVID, our kids should get back to school and “not in the half-hearted, part-time manner they’re currently doing it.”

If you were to only read the L-T article and not look at the CDC guidance, you might think that the CDC told us to send kids immediately back to the classroom and that the health department and educational administrators are holding us back from doing so. That is simply not the case.

The CDC guidance spells out complicated, nuanced guidelines that school administrators can use in determining how to mitigate risk for our kids in an in-school setting. It spells out different scenarios and ranks them for risk (a five-point scale of lowest to highest) and states clearly that the most important mitigation strategies for COVID safety in schools are: 1. universal masking and 2. social distancing (at least 6 feet).

In considering any in-person learning plan, we should carefully consider the CDC’s guidance and honestly assess the risks we are willing to run to get children back to in-person schooling. I encourage readers to check out the CDC guidance pages (two helpful ones are “Operating schools during COVID-19: CDC’s Considerations” and “Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools through Phased Mitigation”). Are they long and complicated? Yes. Do you need a dictionary? Probably.

We owe it to our children and community to understand the risks and then voice our (informed) opinions to school boards as they make these extremely difficult decisions.

Katie Wilson

Eau Claire

Letter-writer’s criticism misses mark

Regarding a letter-writer’s “ludicrous” remarks about an editorial about the Chippewa Valley Transformation Project that he considered ludicrous: When the writer was an editor at the Leader-Telegram he would likely have been aggressively questioning any perceived secrecy but now that he is employed by UW-Stout, he is concerned about releasing too much information. The CVTP is primarily a government-sponsored organization and should be open about everything they do.

I think the “Our View” section of the Leader-Telegram has improved considerably over what it was like in the past. Now it is the part of the paper that I value the most.

Roger Davis

Eau Claire

Brady’s antics show lack of respect

I watched the Super Bowl on Feb. 7. How can one team get one foul and the other team get eight fouls (in the first half)? Did the Glazers pay off the officials to throw the game so the Bucs could win?

Tom Brady is no GOAT at all. He doesn’t have any respect for the Vince Lombardi Trophy at all. He hasn’t even apologized to the daughter of the trophy’s creator for throwing the trophy between two boats in a marina.

Brady should’ve also gotten arrested for getting so drunk and someone holding him up. If kids want to look up to someone, make sure it isn’t Brady. Patrick Mahomes sets a better example.

Ruth Bach

Eau Claire

Wolf hunters’ motivation questioned

Can someone explain why they would want to hunt and kill a wolf, or worse, trap and kill a wolf slowly?

Kevin Custer

Eau Claire