Vaccinations’ value backed by science

It is estimated that 90% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans will get the COVID-19 vaccine if they haven’t gotten it already.

There’s no way on God’s green Earth this needs to be a political issue. The coronavirus does not care what your political persuasion is. Former presidents Bush and Trump, both Republicans, got vaccinated for their own protection and as an example for the rest of us. The former Democratic presidents did the same.

Look at the science. With more than 500,000 deaths in this country alone, this silent enemy is 10 times as deadly as the ordinary flu. These figures are nothing to sneeze at.

Without the vaccine there is an inherent possibility of getting COVID-19. Give it a shot and get it over and done with.

It is said that when 70% of us are vaccinated we will reach herd immunity. That means that this country can fully open back up and return to normal. There will no longer be social distancing as we sit shoulder-to-shoulder at stadiums, music festivals and the like. The use of face masks in public will only be permitted on Halloween.

Those who choose not to get the vaccine, you have your reasons and conditions. It’s a free country and you have rights.

God bless first responders and health care workers.

Bob Dettmer

Eau Claire