Labels marginalize Trump supporters

On Friday, April 2, the words “Insurrection” and “attack on the Capitol” were terms used by a local TV news program to describe the Jan. 6 events that took place. The real insurrection occurred as a result of the most fraudulent so-called election in the history of this country — and that’s saying a lot. And the “attack” was a protest on our failed election system.

It reminds me of just before inauguration when I was riding with my dad and he was listening to public radio (the “bastion” of unbiased journalism; yeah right). They were discussing the military build-up in D.C. before the inauguration. The alleged reporter phrased her statement: “They are preparing for the arrival of right-wing extremists and other Trump supporters” — thereby marginalizing at least 100 million American citizens. Any high school journalism student can hear what’s wrong with that remark.

Meanwhile, fake news outlets would have us believe that an entire spring and summer of looting, burning and rioting of multiple cities across the nation committed by anarchists and other extremists were mostly “peaceful protests.” And the censorship of conservative facts and ideals by Big Tech is just the icing for these people.

Chris Madland

Eau Claire