Banning the Confederate flag right move

It is time to create legislation to ban any public display of the Confederate flag or its likeness.

The display of that flag is not a form of free speech; it is a form of hate speech. It represents the belief that one race is superior to another. Specifically that whites are superior to Blacks.

In a country that espouses Christianity, this is nothing less than shameful. The ownership of people of color and the ability to physically, emotionally and sexually abuse them without fear of retribution was reprehensible. The current level of systemic racism with its neglect and abuse of people of color is repugnant.

Legislation at the state and national level must be moved forward to ban this symbol of repression and human bondage from the light of day. The Confederate flag should have been banned 155 years ago. It should be banned now.

Richard Boyum

Candler, N.C.

Coronavirus precautions remain important

It was disheartening, but not surprising, to hear that a Chippewa Falls store clerk has tested positive for COVID-19.

In an effort to support Chippewa Falls businesses, I put on my mask and visited three stores in one afternoon. In all three stores, I did not see even one employee wearing a mask. When I asked why, I heard “I’m not required to wear one” and “I don’t have the virus.”

Such responses demonstrate that these stores do not respect their customers or their employees. If business owners cannot be convinced to protect their staff and their patrons by following the CDC guidelines, I cannot be convinced to support them.

Nancy Schuster

Chippewa Falls