Kindness could make world a better place

Recently the Leader-Telegram gave us the article “Science: Being kind to others pays off.” The headline didn’t come as shocking, but the message was most welcome in these troubled times. Think of the power of kindness extended worldwide.

The following is a sonnet I wrote, when doing poetry for my own entertainment. It seems to be a reasonable followup to the article. Consider how wonderful life would be, if humans, convinced that being kind to others pays big dividends, were committed to lives of kindness.


What place does kindness have in societies

Where self, greed, cruelty are deities

World filled with bitterness, meanness, terror

Is there room for genuine kindness there?

Kindness embraces love, generosity

Sympathy, understanding, charity

Kind acts have reshaped personalities

Could kind acts remake societies?

Imagine our world brimming with kindness

Mankind’s behavior marked by selflessness

Human destructive behavior would cease

People would experience their world at peace

People can become kind by being kind

Is their potential for a world redesigned?

What must occur to have a world characterized by kindness?

Jack Whooley

Eau Claire