Democrats don’t hate the

United States

Multiple times President Donald Trump and the talking heads at Fox have asserted that Democrats hate America. I am a Democrat, and I know that we Democrats, like most Republicans, do not hate America.

However, there are aspects of life in America today that I do hate.

I hate the evidence that some Americans are willing to look the other way as elements of fascism seem to be leading us to an authoritarian government.

I hate systemic racism.

I hate overt efforts to consolidate power by suppressing the vote and by gerrymandering states.

I hate underfunded public schools.

I hate a health insurance system that determines the level of health care one receives based on the impact on quarterly profits.

I hate the potential consequences of climate change denial and inaction.

I hate income inequality.

I hate sexism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice that seem to be part of life in America.

I hate the simple-minded refrain of “fake news” that is the reaction to criticism. A free and diverse press is the lifeblood of a democratic republic.

I hate super PACS and dark money that have distorted our most basic political processes.

I hate that while other governments are undermining our elections and placing bounties on America troops our government seems reluctant to draw a line in the sand.

I hate that COVID-19 has been politicized. No, we Democrats didn’t create a hoax that will disappear after November. It is real and it is serious. By the way, masks do help.

Democrats like me hate all these things because we love this country, the principles that it has stood for and the potential that we believe it has.

Charles Russell

Eau Claire