Orchestra at Pablo must-see event

This Saturday at 7:30 p.m. will be the second concert by the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra at the Pablo Center at the Confluence.

I attended the first one in September — my first ever and the first post-COVID. It was simply wonderful walking across the bridge with all the lights at night — through the marvelous outdoor space with fountains and into the amazing Pablo. Most of all, I was surprised at the size and quality of the orchestra after enjoying the Boston Symphony for 25 years.

The selection of the music was varied and the special guest violinist was outstanding. In short. an exceptional evening in my hometown — what a treat.

We are so fortunate to have such talent and a fabulous venue — all in Eau Claire. If you haven’t had the experience, try it this weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to the Pablo for the extra safety COVID precautions and thanks to everyone who has made all of this possible for the Chippewa Valley.

Ann Gunderson Thornburg


‘Let the woman decide’ on abortion

I would like to give a voice to babies in an abortion.

My mother did not have the access to one, so I was born. Like most unwanted babies are in this situation, people are not kind and you are an embarrassment to everyone in the family you were born into. You live in the shadows so you bother no one. That becomes your life.

Babies have rights, too, so all of you smart people who want to stop a woman from having an abortion, think about the baby and let the woman decide what she wants for her and that baby.

Bonita Berg

Eau Claire