Key steps to fixing Social Security program

How to fix Social Security is not complicated, we just need some politicians that will focus on “we the people” and actually do something for us.

First: Make the money collected for Social Security legally untouchable, a separate account. Handle the surplus money like the Wisconsin Retirement System does, invest it. It will earn a much better return than the interest the government pays.

Second: Take some of the money spent on defense and start paying back the IOUs that the different administrations have borrowed. Granted, the Social Security programs have accrued $2.9 trillion in surpluses, but that doesn’t do anybody any good if it is all borrowed out.

Third: We live in a country where one can earn an obscene amount of money every year. Instead of only paying Social Security on just the first $142,800 a person earns, pay it on the entire amount a person earns with no exceptions.

Fourth: We could take advantage of the ridiculous amounts of money raised and spent on political elections every year. Have donors to election campaigns and political super PACs, etc., make a contribution to Social Security matching every dollar they contribute to anything political.

Fifth: We could take away the tax-exempt status from churches and other organizations and contribute any and all taxes collected to our Social Security program.

Sixth: We should also tax corporate profits and contribute that to our Social Security program.

One has to understand that our government has bent over backwards to kowtow to corporations and the rich and powerful. Tax breaks, subsidies and other such measures benefit them greatly while at the same time they work to force down the wages and benefits of their workers. Their profits and income are made by the exploitation their workers.

Time to help us.

Alan Willett