Right to vote critical aspect of our freedom

As the election nears, President Donald Trump claims he can refuse to accept the results and have state politicians rule that the election was not legally counted on how people voted. Voter fraud in Wisconsin was mentioned.

Remember the late-night meetings when former Gov. Scott Walker was defeated, cutting the powers of elected Gov. Tony Evers. So remember when you vote: Will my vote count or be used in a political game?

If you fought for this country, will you stand for losing your voting rights? If my vote means nothing, then my politician, state and Washington mean nothing to me also. It is not anarchy, it is dictatorship, plain and simple.

As a Vietnam veteran, I will fight for American rights and values until my blood stops flowing. Are you, the politicians, willing to do the same?

Vote. Being free is everyone’s right. No court or party can decide that.

Too many Americans paid the price for our freedom and rights. Not losers and suckers, but heroes.

Warren Schiedler


Coronavirus issues should not be tabled

After reading about the actions of the Eau Claire City Council on Tuesday regarding the proposed health ordinance, I find that I must respond.

First, I must state that I do not live in the city of Eau Claire, but the reason I comment is that we do most of our shopping and utilize various services in your community. With this in mind, I would have expected the council not to table this most important health matter, because if we waited for the state to act nothing would get done.

David Klinkhammer advocated for much more discussion with business and educators, pushing the envelope to settle this in June of 2021. How many people will not be around to hear that discussion because of the pandemic? What more discussion do we need? We are in the pandemic now, our statistics are looking terrible, our hospitals are filling up and you can’t help out the general public if even in a small way to help protect us a little more? I say the entire council is absolutely wrong.

On the positive side, there is a man in Eau Claire who has done more to protect the health of the citizens in our community than the state or the Eau Claire City Council, and that is John Menard. Beginning in February or March of this year, if you wanted to shop in his store, you would wear a mask to protect yourself and your fellow shopper. This must not have been an easy decision for him but he made a decision for the good of the public health unlike your Eau Claire City Council.

Robert Kassl

Fall Creek

Changing of the guard nearing for GOP

Why are the president and Republican senators in such a rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court?

The answer is quite simple. The president and the Republican senators know that they are going to lose both the presidency and Senate in three weeks. In addition, the Republican leadership knows they will lose additional seats in the House. They know the party is over. Literally, this is the last act of primarily dying men and a few women before they and their politics go down with the ship.

On one hand they will have their justice. On the other hand because of their priorities and actions it will be a long long time before we the people ever allow them to control the executive and legislative branches of government. That is another form of justice that the Republican president and senators will have to live with.

Richard Boyum

Candler, N.C.