One vote against the Democratic agenda

I was born in Eau Claire in 1932 and will be close to 89 years old when the president we elect next month takes office. Three of our five children are retired and the other two will be there before long. We have 10 grandchildren on Earth, one in heaven and have two great-grandchildren, with more to come.

My life, and the lives of my wife and our children, will be little affected by whoever we elect. We will not be here long enough to use up what we worked for and get badly hurt by whoever is elected. At 88 years old, I am a relatively rare old man and my wife is older than I am.

But I care about our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I want them to live in peace in an America that is free, fair to all, and believes in law and order. And I want the same things for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of others.

That is why I will vote against the agenda we can expect from Democrats: raise taxes and defund the police but give lots of free stuff to all kinds of people, including illegals.

I did not say I would vote for Donald Trump, but I did say I will check his name to vote against the Democratic agenda. Just as I voted against that unethical Clinton woman last time.

Oh, I forgot to clarify, I am a very patriotic veteran of the Korean War. Technically a veteran, that is. The unit I was in would not let me go to Korea even though I volunteered to go three times.

America may not be perfect, but I will not apologize for it. I love my country and proud of it.

Robert Bodeau

Eau Claire

Peace should be ultimate goal for voters

I wonder why a Walgreens employee pays more taxes than President Donald Trump does?

Now we know that he is not a self-made millionaire but a cheater of the federal government and of us and all Americans. Three things I don’t like are liars, cheaters and con men. A few more I’m sure I could think of, but none of them as bad as he is.

Please go vote and keep in mind: Do we want him to wreck the USA or do we get someone who can repair it? It will be a tough job, but I think Joe Biden can do it.

Please vote either way; use your head and your heart. What do you want for the rest of your life? I want peace.

Judith Pendergast


Masking no match for divine intentions

Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask.

It doesn’t really matter, because whether you believe it or not, God, not man is in control.

Minette Fleischer

Eau Claire

There’s one antidote for our administration

Who are we as a people? What have we become?

There was a time not so long ago when we were at least nominally respectful of each other and had value for the truth. Where has that gone? Why has that gone? Do we want it to be gone?

What bothers me most is the number of people who are not offended, who don’t object to the obvious indecency and disgusting disregard for other people. Yes, there are people like President Donald Trump; that’s the scary part. He has given permission to be racist, indecent, to destroy the values and norms of our country. He has encouraged chaos that some desperate people crave, to tear down others for their own selfish purposes.

And now we learn more about the depth of his disdain for people. Now we know Trump considers people as expendable — to be used to advance his agenda and self-interest.

We have had four years of the “Trump Virus.” It has infected our health, our safety, our social fabric, our humanity, our government, our international relationships, etc. It is pervasive.

There is really only one treatment, it’s called the “Voting Vaccine.”

Bill Ellmann


‘Life’ is critical topic in presidential race

In an election there are many issues to consider, but there is only one that far outweighs all the rest: life.

If we don’t have our lives, nothing else matters. If a party or candidate thinks that it is acceptable to take the life (murder) of an unborn baby, can we really trust them with anything else?

Look at the platforms of the two major parties. One (Republican) is clearly for life (passing laws that protect the unborn, those who can’t speak for themselves) and one (Democrat) is clearly against it (ignoring the science of when life begins and the fact that a baby is a separate person from its mother). The choice is clear.

Barb Duerkop


Wishing for a return to the ‘old America’

I have no great faith in governors. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, you must wear a mask. Here are the reasons you should, here are the reasons why you should not. My advice: Wear one if you wish to.

I do not listen very often to the reports on the new big bug. The media reported that Herman Cain died of COVID-19. By saying that he died of C-19, the hospital got a big kickback from the government. I agree with my president; I refuse to be uptight.

Socialism is a stepping stone to communism. It demands an end to private property. Thanks, but no thanks. We have owned our home for 50 years. An aggressive form of atheism has gone to war against the Judeo-Christian principles of our founding. Hence the attack on our Constitution. I took a year of accurate American history in college. I like the old America.

Who is blocking the use of hydroxychloroquine in Wisconsin? Big pharma? Local clinics? It works and is dirt cheap. Let’s get with it.

Dorothy Schwankl

Eau Claire

Ginsburg’s absence will affect many areas

President Donald Trump downplayed the coronavirus pandemic despite knowing that it spread easily and was more deadly than the flu.

In California he also recently downplayed global warming by saying, “It will get cooler.” As with the virus, this is likely in spite of his understanding the potentially devastating impacts of a warming planet. This pretense keeps oil, coal and gas as status quo energy sources and energy companies and billionaires happy.

We mourn the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her voice for voting rights, women’s rights and immigrants’ rights. But this is also a major loss for environmental issues. The supreme court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett by Trump presents a justice who will likely not rule the same as Justice Ginsburg would have on cases related to pollution, land use and climate change. An indication of this was given in her hearing when she refused to acknowledge the science that human activity is causing climate change.

Who will this most affect? The answer is minority and economically disadvantaged populations, the same as those most affected by the coronavirus. Plus, climate change will negatively impact all our children and grandchildren for decades. Do we want more floods, more hurricanes and more forest fires?

Please vote for representatives who will honestly address what’s really happening.

Steve Reusser

Eau Claire

Prioritize efforts to fight domestic violence

For over 30 years, my family has enjoyed traveling to Barron County to enjoy its wonderful recreation opportunities. I considered the area to be family friendly and welcoming to all. Very recently, a troubling decision by the Barron County Board and some area law enforcement agencies has changed my view of the area.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This month, Barron County chose to withdraw $25,000 in funding from a local domestic violence prevention and support organization. Some area law enforcement agencies have ended or reduced the scope of their relationships with the same organization. The reason given for the withdrawal of support was disagreement with the organization’s anti-racism and anti-violence advocacy efforts.

Local taxpayers, and visitors who spend our dollars in the area, should be asking, “What other services have the county and law enforcement agencies developed to replace these critical services from which they have withdrawn their support?”

Families — adults, children an elders — who have experienced domestic violence can tell you the impact that services to support them in a time of crisis, or the lack of those services, has on their lives forever.

Please ask you local leaders to fulfill their duty to the community by restoring the funding and relationships to organizations that support people experiencing domestic violence in Barron County.

Diana McGinley


Keeping our tax dollars at home important

Just imagine your aging mother has broken her hip. She is in the hospital — frail and frightened. The social worker is trying to find a nursing home for mom, who needs therapy before she can return home to dad. The area nursing home closed two years ago and the closest opening is an hour away. Dad only drives around his small community and you are working full time; visiting mom is going to be a two-hour round trip. You take this distant opening as your only option.

Sadly, this scenario is common in our communities and state. Leading Age reports that Wisconsin has lost over 40 nursing homes in the last 4½ years. As we face an aging boomer population our resources for caring for them are disappearing. We not only lose facilities to care for our parents/grandparents, but we also lose a key employer as well as funding to train and keep staff.

Our Wisconsin federal tax dollars are going to the other 38 states that have accepted the Medicaid expansion dollars. In the meantime, our state legislators budgeted $324 million into health care which could have been utilized differently had we accepted the expansion money. We can all think of ways our state could use an additional $324 million on our cash-strapped schools and crumbling roads and bridges.

It’s time for us to stop sending our federal dollars to supplement health care in other states when we so badly need the funding. That is why I am voting for Chris Kapsner in the 67th Assembly District. “Wisconsin Needs a Doctor” and a legislator who understands the need to provide health care and affordable prescriptions to all. This is not a red or blue issue, it is a basic right and need for every state resident.

Carolyn Kaiser

Elk Mound

Threats to Social Security and health care

I was recently alarmed to learn that the president’s budget proposes big cuts to social security payments to seniors. Then I heard him say he wanted to drop the payroll tax, which provides funding for the Social Security program. Many of us seniors depend on Social Security for basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

His proposals for health care are even more alarming to me. Even though the president has repeatedly said he will protect Medicare, his budget proposes big cuts to Medicare, and also Medicaid. This would be a blow to both relatively healthy seniors depending on Medicare to help cover their bills at the clinic or hospital and less fortunate ones relying on Medicaid to pay their bills at a nursing home.

The president has also brought a lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act without having anything to replace it. This would be especially devastating to the millions who would lose their health insurance, including coverage for pre-existing conditions. Lives would be ruined and lost. Many families would be financially destroyed.

These on top of over 210,000 Americans killed by COVID-19 and millions who will have long-term health problems from COVID-19 leads me to believe the president does not care about the health and safety of the American people, especially seniors who are dying at a very high rate.

Health care is so important for everyone but crucial for retirees.

Joyce Hocke


Organization’s reasoning misses the mark

My latest edition of “Strange and Bizarre Political Spin” is awarded to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

In a challenge to Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate, the lawsuit argued that Wisconsin’s infection numbers have continued to rise since the mask mandate was imposed in August, proving masks are ineffective in the fight against COVID-19. There are several strands of evidence supporting the efficacy of masks from laboratory studies to real-world scenarios of epidemiological data.

I wonder what motivated WILL to waste their time and money on such an idiotic claim.

Thomas Davenport

Eau Claire

Stolen, damaged signs a growing concern

Recently, I’ve had a fourth Biden/Harris yard sign stolen or vandalized.

I’ve had political campaign signs posted on my property for many years and have had only one trashed until this year. Scores of Dunn County residents have reported the same. Some have had four or more signs stolen.

Newspapers report thousands of Biden/Harris stolen or vandalized across Wisconsin, significantly more than past elections. And Wisconsin isn’t alone. Those boys committing these crimes must be proud to serve their “law and order” president.

Richard Tyson


Steps to determine if COVID-19 is a hoax

Just suppose President Donald J. Trump’s COVID-19 illness is a hoax that he is using to promote a drug that has not been approved by the FDA, but because of his status as president he is allowed to take it and cure his hoax.

Not bad for a former TV producer of a reality show. This promotion affords him bragging rights to his supporters and makes the WHO, FDA and the CDC to appear as uninformed experts.

I say we call the president’s hoax to light and demand a complete time line of his COVID-19 exposure, testing and therapies to determine if his illness is real and how it influences the American People.

James Raleigh

Jim Falls

Perceived crises can have tragic impacts

In times of crisis people panic and give up their freedoms. So Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a German philosopher who taught at the University of Berlin where Carl Marx attended, taught to create a crisis and speed it along. His theory was the triangle theory. One side is a thesis, then antithesis and the top is synthesis. In other words, you start out with the status quo. You create a crisis. Then everyone is happy with your answer. It’s not half as bad as the crisis. Then you create another crisis. You keep doing this because after each crisis people surrender a little more of their freedom. Before you know it you cross the page from the people ruling themselves to a dictator, governor, etc.

Marx said, “How do you create a crisis?” His idea was to send in agitators. Provoking agents. Community organizers. Their job is to identify people groups and divide them (rich/poor, blacks/whites). It doesn’t matter who, but the goal is to make one the victim and the other oppressor and stir the pot until they fight. Then people give up their freedoms to some leader who promises to restore order. Many countries fell to communism this way.

Riots have been used in many parts of the world and then the present leaders are blamed. This leads to a coup. Gun confiscation is also a part of the formula for socialism. Biden has support from Bob Avakian, founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

Remember, a government big enough to give you everything you want (which they won’t) is big enough to take everything you have.

Paula Olivares


Republican legislators not getting it done

Wisconsin is in a crisis when it comes to COVID-19. We are one of the hot spots in the nation, recently ranking third in new cases and No. 1 in positivity rate. Things are getting worse and not better.

So in times of crisis people look to their leaders. According to the National Council of State Legislatures, “Wisconsin has been the least active full-time legislature in the entire country since the start of the pandemic.” Wisconsin is No 1. That is in having a leadership do nothing for months in the time of a pandemic. Is this the leadership we want for the next two years?

The Republicans’ major agenda seems to be to try to stop Gov. Tony Evers from protecting our state and its citizens. The state of Wisconsin is in a dire situation, while our Republican leadership are hiding in their bunkers.

Dave Rowe