Past less important than the present

There is a big difference between what we do today versus what we did years ago.

Times have changed. Circumstances have changed and for a lot of us we have gotten older and hopefully wiser. That brings me to the November election.

What politicians did years ago is different from what they do now. But, it is more important what they do now. Ask yourself: Is your family, your country and you better off today than four years ago?

Vote accordingly, but ... vote.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley

Some mixed messages on use of masks

As one goes around Eau Claire and sees all the people wearing masks, you’d think no one would get COVID-19. Nevertheless coronavirus continues to spread in the county. Obviously our “masky masks” aren’t working.

Perhaps a face shield that protects eyes, nose and mouth is the better answer — even though the Democrat-approved sources haven’t come up with this as a solution yet. Until they give the directive that this is the way to think, folks will still be needing to play the “masky mask” game.

An Eau Claire doctor says, “First of all, wash your hands.” COVID-19 can survive hours, even days, on most surfaces. If you touch your face after you touch an infected surface, the probability of infection is quite high. Infected people that are asymptomatic go about their daily lives infecting endless surfaces.

Almost any medical professional you talk with says to first of all wash your hands.

Margi Meis


Separating fact from fiction critical

QAnon is based on hate, spite and anger; whereby if one ever listened to 10 seconds of a science lecture, one would know their lies to be downright stupid (Google “QAnon,” it will make you sick.)

With an important election is coming up, it’s important to understand the difference between fiction and fact. The gerrymander of Wisconsin by the Republican Party was made so that they stay in power. Now close to the time to vote, Warren Petryk and the Republicans want us to forget about Act 10, forget about cuts to funding of public schools while shifting the public education funds to private schools. Forget about being forced to vote during the pandemic, forget about the cases of COVID-19 that their voting dictum created. Petryk’s flyer indicates he’s all for public schools now that voting time is near. I think he takes lessons on outright lies from President Donald Trump.

What about nearly 30,000 thousand lies, Trump? Recall that he promised to tax the rich and swore he would not benefit. He gave $2 trillion to huge companies who didn’t need it or want it, he gave himself and his kids and very rich friends billions; the rest of us and our grandkids will pay the bill for years to come. He tried and is still trying to take away the ACA and health care for millions of Americans along with the rule that because of an illness one’s home cannot be taken away.

Those are facts. Separating political fiction from fact will take place only when the liar in chief leaves office.

Charles Kwick

Eau Claire