Knowledge key for residents

I hadn’t paid much attention to the sex offender story in Fairchild until it showed up on the Opinion page.

I see someone thought it would be a good idea to ship them all to Eau Claire. According to the state, we have about 240 offenders scattered around town and just about everyone lives pretty close to one.

I know we lived right across the street from one up until a couple years ago. I doubt anyone else on the block even knew it, so I’d say the city is doing its part in accepting them back into society.

According to the state, there are about a half-dozen offenders in the Fairchild area and about the same number in the Augusta area. I wonder if the people in those towns are aware of that statistic and where they live. It may be better sometimes to know where they live than not know.

Dennis Etlicher

Eau Claire

Environment a regional strength

The beautiful natural environment is the key to the future of northern Wisconsin, yet your congressman mocks the greatest threat to their future and all of our grandchildren’s future — as a fantasy.

Climate change is occurring and the evidence is indisputable. Glaciers have disappeared for a reason. As we all know the United States has become the great nation it is on the back of science. To turn away from the undeniable science of climate change is a Russian roulette game we will all lose.

The actual elitist fantasy is pretending the science isn’t real. This elitist fantasy is perpetrated by those who see profit in the ways that will continue the destruction of the fragile environment we live in. As others have stated, “we used to inherit our world from our ancestors, but our current generation is stealing it from our descendants.”

Sure the goals in the Green New Deal may be unrealistic to accomplish in 10 years, but not in 20 or 30. Ask yourselves what your unborn grandchildren and great-grandchildren would want you to do if they had a vote. I think they would be asking someone other than Sean Duffy to be speaking for them.

I grew up in northern Wisconsin and I certainly wouldn’t have him speaking for me.

Steve Pearson

La Crosse