Seniors being ignored

A recent article in the Dunn County News pertaining to a possible Dunn County referendum hopefully will be a dead issue.

It’s bad enough that passed school district referenda totaled $1.4 billion last November in elections across the state. Not long ago, the Menomonie school district and the Colfax school district had passed referenda. How soon do we forget the tax burden of local property taxpayers?

The Wisconsin Counties Association just published its legislative agenda for the 2019-2020 session. The section under taxation is eye-opening. A graphic illustrates that homeowners pay two-thirds of the property tax in Wisconsin, and the source for this graphic is the Department of Revenue.

Locally, if we want to talk net new construction, where is the net new construction coming from in Dunn County? Is it agriculture-related or is it residential? Dunn County residents will want to know.

All recent passed school district referenda do not take into account seniors and others living on fixed incomes and trying to stay in the homes they worked so hard for during their working years. Although our demographic is the 900-pound gorilla in the room, we are being ignored across the state.

The referendum in itself is unfair. While all eligible voters in a school district, or county, can vote; it’s the property taxpayers that get the tab. The county is already borrowing millions to move to the old nursing home on the east side of Menomonie, leaving the government center downtown basically empty and up for sale.

When, and if, the County Board of Supervisors votes on this referendum, I would advise they take into account the 900-pound gorilla in the room.

Terry Nichols

Town of Colfax