Democratic views about Trump flawed

What kind of person shudders at the thought of a 6-month-old baby dying from a stomp on the head, but vigorously defends late-term abortions?

What kind of person promotes the use of an illegal drug by voting to reduce the penalty to one dollar?

What kind of person purposely uses false testimony of sexual misconduct to prevent a highly qualified candidate from becoming a Supreme Court justice?

What kind of person coordinates and choreographs paid political thugs to disrupt and delay congressional hearings?

What kind of person encourages mob incivility to harass and intimidate those with differing political opinions?

What kind of person believes in “free speech,” only for those they consider “politically correct?”

What kind of person vigorously opposes every tax cut for the American people?

What kind of person believes that kneeling during our national anthem is honorable behavior?

What kind of person believes the gender-confused can choose any toilet facility or locker room that matches what they “identify as” that particular day?

What kind of person believes in “gun control” of the law abiding?

What kind of person believes that all global trade agreements that unfairly punish American business must remain sacrosanct?

What kind of person believes socialism is a far superior economic system to ours, despite its universal failure wherever tried?

What kind of person opposes every effort to secure our borders?

What kind of person believes that illegal aliens should have the right to vote, the right to obtain a driving license and free cradle-to-grave benefits from those taxpayers who were born here or came here legally over the decades?

What kind of person believes that America is the cause of every problem in the world and President Trump is the cause of every problem in America?

That person is known as a Democrat.

David Hanvelt

Eau Claire

Nationality, race not the main issues

Were all the murders here in the U.S. done by illegals — such as Charles Manson and Ted Bundy, there were so many.

Murder is so wrong no matter what the race, nationality or whatever. President Donald Trump was happy that it was an “illegal” in a recent murder, but it was just a man.

What about all the people in the White House now that are in trouble? Are they all illegals? I don’t think so. They are all just people.

Judy Pendergast