A missed opportunity for Walker

Dear Mr. Walker:

You have certainly read several articles and heard from a great many citizens of Wisconsin and most likely from around the country and world as to the “lame” duck session and its negative impact upon our state of Wisconsin.

It would be foolish of me to think that my short note will mean more than those others who have expressed their opinions, but as a man who is fast approaching his 80th birthday with children and grandchildren and perhaps soon great grandchildren, I cannot help but think that you too must be thinking of your children and family and the future of our democracy. Your decisions have an impact upon so much about their future — it cannot be about me or you.

You had a wonderful role model to aid you in making a decision as to signing the “lame” duck session’s legislation that we all know is about power and keeping it. Mike McCarthy, after guiding the Green Bay Packers to great success, because many (voters) wished to have “change” take place, was let go — in the morning he was the coach, by evening he was a former coach.

He could have been angry, looked to blame others, could have alibied, sulked and burned bridges — but he chose to be a man and a man of decency and humility and honor and be classy. And while some will be cynical as they suggest he was just preparing for the next coaching position, I prefer to believe he was sincere in “doing the right thing.”

You had the same opportunity — to “do the right thing” — to be classy and frankly as a man who has spent your entire adult life as a career politician and public servant — to understand the logic of doing so.

Steve Anderson

Eau Claire

Taking responsibility important

The politically correct atmosphere imposed on us by the liberal media and government officials has led us to believe we are not responsible for our bad behavior.

It is always the fault of someone else. In their opinion there are no winners and no losers. News flash, almost everything we do in life has winners and losers.

Another example, you can choose the gender you want to be instead of what your were born as — male or female. Our children are taught this philosophy by liberal teachers and professors. These teachings have a direct impact on the way society is behaving in today’s world.

Our world is in a state of moral decay. Crime is rampant, cheating and lying are a normal path for many people, millions of abortions, drug use at historic highs, human trafficking and sexual abuse is an everyday occurrence; corruption is at an all-time high.

People are losing interest in practicing their faith and worshipping God. Family life is slowly being dismantled.

Communication technology plays a part in the above behavior.

This politically correct atmosphere has done much harm to our country. It is time to get common sense back in our governments, schools and judicial systems. The liberals have had their way for far too long.

Wake up to the fact that you are responsible for everything you do. If you are addicted to drugs it is your fault, unless someone forced them upon you. Electing to take drugs for whatever reason usually ends in disaster. I fail to understand why so many people are willing to purchase and use illegal drugs. Quality of life is diminished and the dependence on drugs grows enormously.

Show courage and accept that we alone are responsible for our actions.

May God bless and help us.

Jerome Wolcott


A critical era for Earth’s atmosphere

If you’re a Republican, I hope you’ll take a moment to consider the following.

A recent report confirmed the reality of climate change. Furthermore, it highlighted the critical importance of increasing the USA’s immediate positive action to combat this gradual warming of our planet due to greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

The science is there, but all of us can clearly see the effects in the heightened ferocity of storms, especially hurricanes, as well as the lengthened part of the year that western states must combat forest fires.

It’s a natural reaction for all of us to try to wish this threat away. Politicians have taken advantage of this fear in their quest for votes to try to convince us, without any proof, that the threat is not real.

Adults who are now of voting age won’t be around when the truly devastating results assault the Earth (such as an increase in ocean levels of 60 feet). But our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the consequences of our lack of action regardless of our political point of view.

Within 10 to 15 years it will be too late to reduce the worst effects of climate change. Taking action now will not avoid worsening storms and fires but will decrease their severity.

All of us must look at the position of candidates we vote for and unless they support measures that will reduce carbon dioxide, methane, etc., they do not deserve our support.

Scott Smith


Letter-writer misses mark in argument

A recent letter-writer chastises Republicans who “in this season of peace on Earth” voted against Tony Evers and the other Democrats.

I’ve never seen a more blatant example of hypocrisy, because she implies that she was entitled to vote against Gov. Scott Walker because her vote wasn’t opposed to peace on Earth. She continues her hypocritical ignorance by claiming that restricting early voting negates the power of the new governor and attorney general.

Check the bipartisan, unbiased studies, and you’ll quickly note that there is no proof whatsoever that early voting favors either party.

Then, either her memory fails her or she is ignorant of the fact that in the lame-duck legislature preceding Walker’s tenure there were almost laughable attempts to foil his campaign promises, laughable because the Democrats didn’t have the votes to do much.

But did they try? Frantically.

She continues her jeremiad when she insults every Christian Republican by making her holier-than-thou main point. And that is that you can’t be both a Christian and a Republican.

That hurts.

Birney Dibble

Eau Claire