Advancing wall makes sense

Why on Earth has a barrier become a zero-sum game? All or none; black or white? If there is a hole in a dam, don’t we plug it?

Illegal immigration is illegal for legitimate reasons. Our ancestors had Ellis Island and a legal protocol to follow. Sure we need to expedite the process with more courts, judges, lawyers, case workers, etc, but first let’s plug the holes.

Create an orderly process to discern the merits of each case. Allowing time to determine our country’s needs, while adding up the social welfare costs, including the obvious downward pressure on wages,with the reverse true for housing and rent prices.

Sophisticated tech with more border guards is not exclusive to a barrier ... unless some bipolar politician needs to score base points. Moving forward, all viable options should be applied unilaterally, as a comprehensive solution. Including a barrier or wall.

Let common sense replace blame for the sake of argument. Chuck and Nancy, are you listening?

Richard Larson

Chippewa Falls

Work of road crews applauded

Just wanted to say thank you to the counties of Eau Claire, Chippewa and Clark for the superb job the men and women did in keeping our roads as safe as possible during the recent weather conditions.

Your work has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

Connie Schroedel

Eau Claire