Comments likely to draw mocking commentary

Since President Trump in an Aug. 21 impromptu press conference on the grounds of the White House and via Twitter likened himself to “the chosen one” and the “King of Israel,” perhaps we can find a seamstress to create a marvelous purple robe for him, a wreath maker to weave a crown of thorns and a carpenter to build a cross and donate a box of nails and a hammer to the West Wing to complete this most recent fantasy of the president.

I am sure there would be no lack of an audience to mock him. You can start with the pundits on CNN and MSNBC and work from there.

Christians are reminded that there will be many “false messiahs” before the end times.

Maybe he is the real deal.

Vince Pernsteiner

Chippewa Falls

A full loaf often too much to deal with

Have you ever bought a loaf of bread and by the time you have had enough bread you still have over half a loaf left? You can put it in the refrigerator to take up space or just feed it to the birds.

I had dinner with my brother-in-law, Doug, and he brought that up. Doug is a frugal person but there are times when he and his wife may have half a loaf left and he wishes they would make available a half loaf of bread.

Maybe someday some factory executive will read something like this and start making half loaves of bread. What will they call them? One Half For Less or Just What You Knead.

Mark Warns

Eau Claire