Apathy a concern

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 23 percent of Americans support abortion after the first trimester (around 24 weeks).

Of course, by this time all of the babies organs are functioning (the heart starts beating on day 22) and in most cases, the baby can survive outside the womb (the 24-week preemie survival rate is 80 percent). These babies are not part of their mother’s body and not dependent on her once outside the womb. So why do we tolerate this atrocity?

We tolerate it for the same reason slavery in this country was tolerated and the same reason Germans tolerated Hitler’s death camps. Some tolerate it out of fear. This seems unfounded since the most intense backlash I have ever experienced standing for life is being yelled or sworn at. Some tolerate it thinking resistance is futile. “What can we do, our hands are tied,” they say.

There are many ways to assist in stopping this atrocity. The first is to speak up and stop ignoring it. Attend events (like prayer vigils). Write letters to the editor. Join groups that are ministering to moms with unplanned pregnancies.

Sadly, the reason most tolerate the atrocity of abortion is apathy. It is an atrocity we can live with. We may wring our hands and make excuses, but in the end, we simply don’t care.

Think of issues that really rile you up? How do they compare to babies being dismembered? People are up in arms over animal cruelty (and rightly so), but do they give the time of day for babies being murdered? If we truly view child killing as the atrocity it is, perhaps we should start acting like it.

Pastor Sam Faust


Put cameras in buses

The video of a motorist passing a stopped school bus proves that stupidity surpasses ignorance. A child could have been injured or killed by someone’s indifference.

Luckily, a truck driver was following and captured the moment on his dash cam. Otherwise the fool would have probably escaped after the evil deed.

A lot of truckers/companies are installing the dash cams to prove their innocence in accidents. School buses should have them installed so bus drivers would have proof of such occurrences. They are an added expense but local fundraisers could offset the cost and dangerous drivers would get their due justice.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Helmuth Serjogins

Eau Claire

Turnout lags at new EC venue

The Pablo Center was built with the thought in mind that it would attract national acts that the State Theatre was unable to attract. It would be something that would put Eau Claire on the map for music that we hadn’t been able to attract.

With that in mind, recently Wynonna Judd performed in front of a less than full audience at the Pablo Center. My question is why was this not a sell out? Wynonna has had 14 number-one hits, was the ACM Female Vocalist of the Year in 1993 and has been nominated for four Grammy Awards in her career.

To me, this was an artist that should draw a sellout crowd, in a state-of-the-art, brand new, come-see-me theater. But that didn’t happen.

What if word gets out? Eau Claire, the Pablo Center, can’t support acts of this caliber. Gordon Lightfoot was also less than full. He is one of Canada’s greatest songwriters, having many number-one hits in the United State and Canada.

Again, the question is why aren’t these outstanding performers better attended in a venue that was built to attract artist just like them. And, what performer does or will it take to attract a sellout crowd? Let’s hope we get the chance to find the answer.

Jeff Tollefson

Eau Claire