Trump's woes numerous

Currently, statistics indicate that 64 percent of Americans believe that President Donald Trump has broken the law.

Forty-five percent think he has broken the law while in office — emoluments clause; fraud; Russian money laundering; Russian fake news and election interference; Maria Butina, Russian and NRA funding of the election; Trump’s judicial interference; hush money; abuse of power; WikiLeaks; Fox and the National Enquirer buying and burying news articles negative to Trump; inaugural foreign money; Trump’s love affair with the Korean dictator and Vladimir Putin; his attack on our NATO friends, etc.

During Trump's two-hour rant at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he was only able to lie 118 times; he’s slipping. He did manage to move us into greater debt by giving his ultra-rich friends and big business a tax break at our expense. Boy, do I miss Hillary.

Charles Kwick

Eau Claire

On the wrong side of God

What do the following have in common?

The LGBTQ crowd and those who support it; the pro-abortion (i.e. pro-choice) crowd; the Eau Claire City Council members who passed a law banning "conversion therapy" against those trying to help LGBTQ minors leave that dangerous life; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Bernie Sanders; newly elected Muslim congresswomen Ilham Oman and Rashida Tlaib (and their anti-Semitic hate speech); Islam; the new "progressive" socialist Democratic Party (and, sadly, the vast majority of Democrats); and churches that support any of the above.

They are all devoid of knowing the truth of God.

Their actions and beliefs, in blatant disobedience of what God has laid out, has put them on a selfish course to putting an end to what has been the greatest nation in history.

Many of the people mentioned above now cheer the fact that a baby born from a failed abortion can be left on a table to die. In addition some like-minded "doctors" remove male and female anatomy so each can use the other's public restrooms. The Bible said a time would come when man would call evil good and good evil. That time is now.

Islam is not a religion but rather a political ideology that uses a made-up god to justify conforming others, by force if necessary, to its way of thinking. The tenants of Islam run contrary to the constitutional republic ideals this country was founded on. And now we have Muslims in Congress as well as running for Barron City Council.

Oil and water do not mix. Neither does God-inspired Judeo/Christian traditional America and the new American left.

Rick Ghyselinck