Celebrating love

I doubt that I need to remind anyone reading this that Valentine’s Day is coming.

It traditionally has some good and some very schmaltzy verses in lots of cards. While I am not against remembering this day, I suggest we examine love from another viewpoint.

For those who come from a Christian background, the first thing taught (do you remember) was “God is love.”

For those who have no religious background in the Christian faith, you might find it helpful to find a Bible and read any of the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These stories of Jesus are full of love and compassion for the used, abused and left out. Notice this is in contrast to the conventional wisdom, which thinks the Bible is out of date and full of thou shalt nots.

It might be good for all of us to recall that Jesus is the authority for all of us, including many characters in the Bible who got it wrong.

Valentine’s Day has its place, but the deeper meaning of love is to share it with the entire human race with no exceptions. This is adulthood at its best.

Rev. David Stratton

Eau Claire

New plan needed

We need nonpartisan redistricting and fair maps in Wisconsin. It is embarrassing that we are now the most gerrymandered state in the nation.

The majority of Wisconsin citizens want a nonpartisan process for creating voting districts. The majority of Wisconsin counties have passed resolutions calling for state government to draw fair election maps. Our neighbor Iowa has such a law that we could learn from.

There is a proposal called the Hansen-Vining bill going before our state Legislature that would set up a fair nonpartisan method of drawing voting districts.

Please contact your state Assembly member and your state Senator pleading with them to support this change in how Wisconsin draws voting district maps.

Sandy and Craig Brooks

Buffalo City

Trouble awaits

Trumpty Dumpty is still sitting on the fence. Alongside him stands Vice President Mike Pence.

Nancy Pelosi won’t give them a call. She says you aren’t getting your wall.

Mitch McConnell is becoming a Russian snitch. While Chuck Schumer and Kevin McCarthy run the economy into the ditch.

Paul Ryan said it’s time to say bye-bye. While Robert Mueller prepares to hang someone out to dry. Michael Cohen will just continue to cry.

Wolf Beto says won’t you give me a chance. And I will send them out by the seat of their pants.

Amy Klobuchar could be his partner in town. She could help him get rid of the rest of the clowns.

2020, so soon it will be. And Donald and Co. in prison will be.

VinceNT Pernsteiner

Chippewa Falls

Wall financing on taxpayers

Trumpty Dumpty wanted a big wall,

But Trumpty Dumpty couldn’t pay for it all.

And when he couldn’t blame Mexico, Obama or Hillary,

Trumpty Dumpty took it out on you and me.

John Penn