Real problems face the United States

As a nation we have simply lost our minds. The psychological term for it is paranoia or the irrational fear that people are plotting against you. This collective paranoia is derived from a conspiracy theory referred to as “the dark state.”

This secret state is so very secretive they have left no evidence, so it is based solely on conjecture. When the believers describe it, it sounds like something out of a Stephen King novel. But yet, these believers insist they, those contriving against us, are somewhere deep within the bowels of all federal buildings. These government haters are convinced these mysterious bureaucrats are about to pounce out of the shadows and snatch, not only our freedoms, but our very souls. Now if that does not sound like a whole lot of crazy, it should.

The reason this craziness is so terribly maladjusted is because it is creating a real threat to our democracy, our government, our way of life and even our very lives. You see, that is the very reason many crazies want assault weapons because “the feds is comin’ to getum.”

These government haters elected an outsider and what they think of as a strong man to go to Washington and wipe out all this evil. Electing a strong man has never worked out well. Ironically, that is exactly how you lose your freedoms. Our democracy, our values and our Constitution are almost entirely about ensuring that we never, ever return to a one-man rule.

The extent to which you believe in this theory is the extent to which you are complicit in a real plot lead by the Russians to undermine our faith in our institutions and our faith in our fellow Americans, to say nothing about encouraging the next Timothy McVeigh.

John Ranes

Chippewa Falls