Trump’s service to nation lacking

After listening to the news report about Donald Trump’s visit and meetings in England, I have to write about one thing.

He was deferred from having to serve in the military five times — one for bone spurs and four for education, so he said. (He did not learn much about compassion, kindness, caring for others, and what nasty and thoughtless words not to use toward others.)

When asked about his lack of military service he said, “I was deferred five times but now I am making up for it.” Please explain to me how what he is doing to our country and to other people is the same as fighting and dying, as being shot at and never coming home.

I feel any comparison between serving by fighting and dying and by what Trump presents in actions and deeds is ludicrous.

Oh, yes. So is lying many hundreds of times.

Donna Hoffmann

Eau Claire

Walker finally reaches jobs promise

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that, as of this past December, it’s estimated that former Gov. Scott Walker had finally reached 250,000 jobs created.

(It’s) a number he said he would meet by the end of his first term. And that job growth was the slowest in 2018 since 2010. So, congratulations governor. Better late than never.

Dennis Etlicher

Eau Claire