Trump’s woes numerous

Currently, statistics indicate that 64 percent of Americans believe that President Donald Trump has broken the law.

Forty-five percent think he has broken the law while in office — emoluments clause; fraud; Russian money laundering; Russian fake news and election interference; Maria Butina, Russian and NRA funding of the election; Trump’s judicial interference; hush money; abuse of power; WikiLeaks; Fox and the National Enquirer buying and burying news articles negative to Trump; inaugural foreign money; Trump’s love affair with the Korean dictator and Vladimir Putin; his attack on our NATO friends, etc.

During Trump’s two-hour rant at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he was only able to lie 118 times; he’s slipping. He did manage to move us into greater debt by giving his ultra-rich friends and big business a tax break at our expense. Boy, do I miss Hillary.

Charles Kwick

Eau Claire

What’s happened to Democrats?

I watch the news every day and it is disheartening to see many of the modern-day Democrats in action.

I feel I have to use words like dishonest, egotistical, mean, offensive, corrupt, repulsive, aggressive and tormented to describe their language and actions. I feel sad when they express their support for abortions, their anti-religious views, their support for illegal voting rights and their continuous fight to block voter ID.

Their growing support for socialism is very troubling. Their opposition to immigration laws and the wall appears to be fueled by the fact they see every illegal immigrant as a Democrat voter. They are in favor of flooding our country with illegals to support their voting base. The word “illegal” appears to have no meaning to the left. Their body language tells volumes.

Jerome Wolcott