Moves undemocratic

“Walker walks out on democracy” is pretty clear to say with his lame duck signing of a poorly crafted, anti-American bill to change the equal branches of government.

Gov. Scott Walker certainly will have to stay out of politics for a long time because his base and his corporate sponsors won’t touch his foolhardy and immature act of trying to get revenge on his victor by taking away Tony Evers’ powers.

You would think that Walker was a teenager playing a game. But our former governor is acting like an ignoramus who has no manners or respect for himself or democracy. If ministry is his calling, it must be because he is going to make “viral self absolution” a new thing on his Twitter account. He has a lot to be asking forgiveness about.

My faith says that you have to make amends to the people you have hurt to really be absolved. Ignorance even in God’s Kingdom is not an excuse.

Robert Andruszkiewicz

Eau Claire

Time for change looms

Now I see local Republicans using Donald Trump’s use of projection onto Democrats to cover up their own shortcomings.

If they really wanted to finalize any middle-class tax cuts or anything else to benefit the majority of Americans, they have had several years to do it.

Talk is cheap and all they seem to have is talk. No action or service except to themselves.

I do believe Republicans’ time in the barrel is just around the corner.

Jim Schrader